I know there is a lot of beauty going on our humble island but there’s one area above all others that I feel deserves a bit of love. For the next week, I’d like to shine the Guru spotlight on the Mid & East Antrim area. There are loads of undiscovered gems in this stunning area of Northern Ireland. Whether you want to make a retreat to a relaxing location or get to know some of the fascinating heritage of the area, you’ll have a blast.

For the next seven days, I’m going to be bringing you some in-depth guides on how best to spend your time in this wonderful area. I can guarantee that no matter what you are into there is definitely something here for you! You won’t believe that this place is just a short car journey away. I can recommend it for the next time you need something to do on a bank holiday or even holidays!


From ancient history to breathtaking nature

There’s plenty here to keep even the toughest critic happy, so make sure you stay tuned for some serious inspiration. For all of the foodies out there, there are some seriously gourmet restaurants available in this area. If any of you are Game of Thrones® fans out there, Mid & East Antrim plays host to some of the most iconic shooting locations from the action-packed series. Probably my favourite thing about the whole area is that the history is absolutely fascinating. The area has connections to not one but two U.S. Presidents! Make sure you stay tuned to the whole week of undiscovered gems in the Mid & East Antrim area, you never know what you might find!