The Eurovision is pretty much drilled into the Irish blood, let’s be honest. And… usually the annual family event calendar as well. So it’s much more fun with a glass of your favourite something in hand! ;) … Or bottle, depending on JUST how bad it is this year…

Eurovision Drinking Game

So, once you’ve got the drinks in, let’s put together an effective way of getting through them! Grab the friends and family, get comfy… and the rest of the rules are pretty simple…


Just drink everytime:

There’s a key change

… Facial expression with that is a bonus… drink twice for that!

Someone sings in two languages

We get it, you’re all talented! (While I sit on the couch trying to construct just one sentence as Gaeilge!)

The hosts engage in ‘casual banter’

… It actually makes the musical part OK.

Nicky Byrne does a classic Westlife dance move…

I say ‘dance move’… we’ll agree on ‘hand movement’…

Eurovision shutterstock_382530922 EDITORIAL ONLY photo_master2000-2

A country that’s not in Europe pops up…

I think I missed that Geography lesson where they told us Australia’s in Europe?

Helicopter camera shots.

… So artsy.

When Ireland get no points, again.

“12 points go to… I ….. celand”

You make yourself feel better with “yeah, well we’re the record holders anyway”

… Thank the lord for Johnny Logan.

Or convince yourself with “but sure, we have no neighbours”.

Yes Eastern Europe, that’s directed at you!

Marty Whelan has enough confidence to reassure the nation.

… we’ve definitely got it this year!


And it goes without saying…

Someone mentions Dustin…

Down your drink… it’s all downhill from here.


So, by the sounds of it, you won’t be standing by the end of the night! ;) It all starts tonight with the Semi-final… or we might not even have a Eurovision on the Irish scale on Saturday. So grab the flag, and be cheesy as…!




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