Christmas lights glistening on the river Alster, a gigantic Christmas tree floating on the water, and snow-capped historic buildings in the background. Welcome to the beautiful harbour city Hamburg. Get under the magic spell…

Hamburg is one of Germany’s most treasured cities and a true beauty! Over Christmas you can not only enjoy historic charm around the old town area, you will be treated to one of the most creative Christmas markets of the whole country! Designed by the ringmaster of the famous Roncalli circus you can be sure to expect something extra special! Let me take you on a little journey to Hamburg’s seasonal highlights and secret spots. I’m sure there a couple more things you didn’t know, yet! ;)

White Magic by Hamburg’s Harbour: Dive into the Maritime Flair of Germany’s Second Largest City

The historic market| The biggest fair of the North| White magic by the Jungfernstieg

Hamburg Town Hall and Christmas Market at night

The historic market

It is the most famous, the most visited, and the most unique market of the country! The historic Christmas market on Hamburg’s Rathausmarkt is nothing out of the ordinary! Situated in the biggest market square of the whole city is right at the historic town hall‘s feet. Now, you could think that it’s just one of those traditional markets that impresses with the old school style but you’re completely mistaken. Just a good 15 years ago the whole concept of the market was restructured and that was done by no one less than the ringmaster of the famous Roncalli circus.

Besides the usual attractions of the handmade arts and crafts and the delicious German Christmas treats you can find a whole toy street with a miniature toy train that makes its rounds right above your head! Speaking of which! It is not the only thing going on in the air above the market! Three times a day, the flying Father Christmas will soar above the market square to tell the Christmas tale. Listen to his ‘ho,ho,ho’ when his reindeer sleigh, held in place by steel ropes, is towed over the fair.

Another extraordinary highlight is the weekly Christmas parade taking place every Sunday evening. Fancy little elves, reindeers, and angels will be making their way through the whole city. Expect lovely festive floats, great atmosphere and music! The Käthe-Wohlfahrt -Weihnachtswelt is a definitive must-see when it comes to getting the greatest gifts. This family-run business has been selling finest Christmas decorations and ornaments for decades and probably hosts the largest collections of Christmas decorations around the world!

Whatever experiences you had of just ‘another’ historic market, I am sure Hamburg just did the trick to get you back in the mood! :)

Hamburg Weihnachtsmarkt, Germany

The biggest fair of the North

Famous, infamous Hamburg St. Pauli! If you have ever been to the Hamburger ‘kiez’ around the Reeperbahn you know this is where the fun is happening. Almost too frivolous to be festive, embrace yourselves for some really good times! Open to adults over 18, market Santa Pauli attracts millions of visitors every year! Multiple shows with live music, and several rides make up the frame of the event.

The Frisenhus with 900 seats available, is one of the best spots to sit down and enjoy some of Hamburg’s unique punch. Besides mulled wine, go ahead and taste the ‘hot nutcracker’ while you warm up for another round over the dome square! Every Wednesday, the market will calm down a little bit to welcome kids and families. Enjoy many discounts, especially for some of the many carousels like the Hexentanz and the Parkour.

A true highlight of Santa Pauli is a weekly display of extraordinary fireworks! Every Friday night 10.30pm you can enjoy the sky light up over the 250 festive stalls! If you are up for some extra fun check out the Winterdeck, you’ll see what it’s about! ;)


Munich, Germany - October 01, 2013: People enjoy the ride on a carousel during a sunny afternoon at the Oktoberfest in Munich (Germany). The Oktoberfest is the biggest beer festival of the world with over 6 million visitors each year.

White magic by the Jungfernstieg

We’ve covered historic, we’ve covered a great big fair, now let me draw attention to one of the most modern markets! :) Last but not least, it is a must-see destination in one of Hamburg’s prime locations! Situated right along the river Alster, the market by the Jungfernstieg consist of white pagoda tents only all under the motto of white magic. With a lovely view over the waterfront you’ll be enchanted in no time. As one of the youngest markets, the stalls display modern designs of jewelry, art, and porcelain.

Highlight of the market are permanent illuminations, which put shimmering lights of gold and silver on the classic white tents. A signature drink around the Jungfernstieg is hot Caipirinha! Book yourselves one of the fairy tale boat tours and take in the atmosphere! Contemporary moods with all the Christmas coziness! :)

Hamburg Binnenalster mit Weihnachtsbaum

Hamburg is a city with cult status, great times guaranteed! :)

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