In my article I am introducing you to the most dangerous hiking paths in the world. Climb the rims of gorges with me or take the stairway up to heaven – I can give away so much, it is nerve-wrecking!

They’re cramped, extremely steep and sometimes treacherous – the most dangerous hiking paths in the world. You’ve definitely heard at some point about these paths where you have to balance on the edges of a gorge and often risk your life considering there’s sometimes only just a few rickety planks nailed into the cliff. Many people it’s the adrenaline kick of their life to only be secured with a few snap hooks. For others it’s just reckless. What do you think of these pictures of the most dangerous hiking paths…?

dangerous hiking paths
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The most dangerous hiking path in the world: Huà Shān, China

Here it is, the most dangerous one of all: Huà Shān is one of the Five Sacred Mountains in the Chinese province of Shaanxi. It rises up to a dizzying height of 2,100m and is not for the faint of heart! The path is mostly made up of 30-5ocm large wooden planks which are both rickety and full of holes! The only thing you can hold on to is a chain that’s been hammered into the mountainside. In some parts there aren’t even any planks, just holes in the rock for you to stick your feet in, all while pulling yourself along with the chain.

And what awaits the eager, risk-taking hikers at the top? Ta-daaa… A tea house! Well… and an unbelievable view of course, together with the feeling that you’ve achieved something pretty amazing. You won’t be able to enjoy that feeling for too long though – after all, what comes up must come down! Just take a look at these pictures of the brave people who’ve actually dared to climb this mountain!

Spain’s Caminito del Rey – the most dangerous path in Europe

Caminito del Rey in Andalusia is a four kilometre-long rope-lined path at a height of around 100 metres. Caminito del Rey is even so dangerous that it was shut down for 14 years! Between 1999 and 2000 five people died – reason enough to close the path and finally renovate it. Massive holes were created along the path because of the weather and the thin steel cable that served as a safety line was even completely missing in many places, which didn’t instil much confidence in the hikers or the experts. The railing that was actually supposed to offer protection only partially stop you from falling into the abyss below.

However since 2016 the most dangerous path in Europe is accessible again! More than 2 million Euros were invested in the restoration in order to make the path a bit safer. Of course when it comes to the most dangerous paths in the world ‘safe’ is a bit of a difficult word – the equipment on the path is definitely better nowadays, but it still doesn’t change anything about the frightening route itself! A breathtaking view of the steep sandstone cliffs and the glistening waters below await the brave hikers who make it to the end.

dangerous hiking paths

Haiku Stairs – Stairway to Heaven

Haiku Stars is a steep path in the Koolau Mountains on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, also known as Stairway to Heaven. Whoever wants to climb these stairs better have a good stamina – to reach the peak of the path you’ll have to climb 4,000 metal steps and climb a height of around 600 metres. The effort is worth it though – because when you reach the summit you’ll have a spectacular view of the island and the picturesque surroundings. Here is a cool snapshot of the Stairway to Heaven:

On my bucket list!! #haikustairs #hawaii

Ein von B E K I N D, P E R I O D ? (@blessbetrue) gepostetes Foto am

Last February the famous Hawaiian Stairway to Heaven was badly damaged due to a storm, which only made the path more dangerous. However due to the extreme heights it’s difficult to address the problems. As a result access is currently prohibited, but whether or not it will actually deter adventure-seeking tourists who want to climb their way to heaven is questionable.

Well then, who’s going to dare go on a hike along the spectacular Stairway to Heaven or one of the other dangerous hiking paths?


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