Sleeping under the stars, a walk at sunset, fresh air… sometimes the most simple luxuries and restful environments are what make travelling such a privilege. And in light of this, more and more wineries offer us more than just quality products, but a natural atmosphere for us to make some of the most unique travel stories and memories :)

Wine – 10 Vineyard Havens

1.L’And Vineyards, Portugal

Boasting a warm climate and a stunning landscape, these Portuguese cellars are full of personality and minimal style, giving it a raw simplicity that really gives off a better vibe than most.


If what you’re after is making brilliant memories from unforgettable experiences, this is a pretty perfect location for you. There’s yoga at sunrise on offer, a hot air balloon ride if you want to start your day off in the best way and with some of the best views, and just an all round incredible experience. It’s bound to be a breathtaking experience that you won’t be forgetting for quite a while. :)


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2. Entre Cielos, Lujan de Cuyo (Argentina)

For a calming feeling of purity, putting yourself amongst nature is probably the best way around it. And so heading to this winery is bound to leave you feeling refreshed.


Flooding with personality and a really neat style, it’s pretty much a place to suit everyone, whatever kind of accommodation or vibe you’re going for. The unique rooms are inspired by space exploration and will leave you feeling like an astronaut who’s just discovered paradise… it’s that good!


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3. Hotel Mastinell, Barcelona

Near the bustling cosmopolitan city of Barcelona, find a haven of peace and tranquility in the heart of Penedes, known for its sparkling wines and cavas. In addition to the impeccable taste inside the bottle, the winery itself offers rooms inspired by the bottles, giving it a serious touch of creativity and originality :)


And if that’s not enough, you’ll just fall in love with the views of its green, flowery fields with a life of their own and fresh scents to fill your morning :) Is there anything that just screams happiness more!?


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4. The Vines Resort & Spa, Tunuyan (Argentina)

For a holiday where you just don’t want to spend your time away from work in a busy city with crowds of people and unbearable traffic, why not just reconnect with nature and enjoy a bit of chill time in a really relaxing environment.


And if you want to go all out with the peaceful experience, I definitely suggest the Zen minimalist experience that is provided in these Argentine wineries where class and luxury are the main attractions, as are overlooking an infinite and extraordinary valley.

5. Vina Vik Millahue, Chile

If an innovative, modern and creative design is more what you’re looking for, then why not head to this Chilean location. The best Scandinavian and Norwegian design professionals managed to turn this warehouse into an architectural masterpiece. And it’s well worth a visit!


This is a place where you can simply enjot the quality of natural products, unspoilt nature and views of infinity pools that will be so tempting you just won’t know what hit you! :)


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6. Hotel Endemic, Guadalupe (Mexico)

This winery will take you to another level of connection with nature. The eco-friendly bungalows offer amazing views of the valley that they’re in and it’s something you really won’t get in many places around the world. This feeling of peace and privacy all at once, in a place that will just blow your mind.


With the extraordinary nature as a backdrop and the avant-garde idea of the bungalow, the wineries offer visitors a very comfortable experience amongst nature’s most beautiful.


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7. Marques de Riscal, La Rioja

This 5* hotel combines futuristic design with the rural environment… two very contrasting scenes… but it works so so well! :) The high quality and wide selection of rooms just enhances the experience to the point where you’ll barely even know yourself :)


The sophisticated resort and cutting-edge technologies offer the best of tradition and modernity in giving you one of the best accommodation experiences you’ve probably ever had, or will have for that matter!


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8. Viura, Alava

Located in the border region of La Rioja, this is one of the best conditions for the production of wine products. Not only the best weather, but for visitors of the area it’s about so much more than taste. The innovative and avant-garde style contrasts with the tradition of the environment and it just makes for an incredible hotel experience making the actual visit on a par with the taste of the products :)


And that tradition and modernity combination offers the best and most unique experience alongside the exquisite taste, not to be missed!


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9. Delaire Graff Lodges & Spa, South Africa

With regards to other wine paradises around the world, the distant South Africa is one of those dream resorts with endless views, irresistible spas and the most stunning infinity pool :)


And if we combine this delicate luxury with the serenity of a quiet and relaxing environment, we have the perfect equation for an unforgettable experience. So just head down and watch it unfold :)


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10. Elqui Domos, Pisco Ski (Chile)

And last but not least, in Chile we find this paradise where climate, soil and style blend perfectly and offer a maximum level of modernity but in an organic and natural setting where nature is an active member of the entire experience you’ll be lucky enough to witness.


With a variety of styles to fit perfectly to the needs of the visitors, this accommodation provides more personalised experiences and an extra special holiday.

If you’ve made it to end, you’re definitely a true fan of good quality wine! As you know, I love to read your opinions and commends, so what is your favourite vineyard destination? Have you been to any of these? :)

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