Capitals will never cease to amaze! With a fair share of culture, arts, and nightlife there is always something great to do. The capital of Washington DC does nothing less than impress, but in a whole other way…

The United States are known for thriving cities such as Las Vegas or New York. In my opinion the capital of Washington DC is highly underrated. Only a few hundred years old, it is no less impressive than our good old European beauties. The opposite, the capital of Washington DC impresses in a whole other way. A gorgeous city laid out in a spacious, green area with modern charm and twice the landmarks. This city has so much more to offer than just the White House. See for yourselves….


Washington DC: A Capital Out of the Ordinary

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Wide Angle Shot of the Washington Monument with blue sky and flags flying.


Though there are countless perks and insider tips for Washington there is simply no way to deny the great array of historic landmarks and famous sights. Even if you’re not that much into culture, this city will do the trick :) With the iconic White House, the Jefferson Memorial, and the National Mall, you could think that the whole city is crammed with majestic exhibits, but surprisingly it is not. Laid out in a spacious area with loads of greenery, the monuments are scattered all around town and you will feel much more at ease than in some of the overcrowded American hotspots  :)

A great destination all year round, the Spring Season will make your visit  to DC even more special, as it is the beginning of the Cherry Blossom Season. Lining the city and the famous Tidal Basin, the Cherry Blossom trees will burst into most beautiful shades of pink. Picture perfect panorama over the whole city, you will be in awe :) The Cherry Blossom Festival marks the highlight of this very unique season. It celebrates the friendship of the United States and Japan, as the trees were initially a gift from Tokyo in 1912.

Washington DC cherry blossom with lake and Washington Monument.

For the real tour of all the main sights, you should best explore by foot. For something extra fun, check the offers for special tours like the City Segway Tour. Marvel at the great Lincoln Memorial and the U.S. Capitol. Everything about this city is grand, but the White House will surprise you. If you expected a pompous, shut-off property you are very mistaken. Just make your way up the Lafayette Square, you will be surprised how it nestles into the city. You’ll be able to stand right in front of the fence and there it is ;)

A very proud and patriotic country at heart, you can be sure that Washington DC is also home to some great museums and fines exhibitions. Best thing is, that most museums are completely for free. Stroll the area around the National Mall and dive right in. The National Gallery of Arts, shows of with famous masterpieces by Da Vinci. The National Air & Space Museum will sweep you off your feet. Original space suites, lunar rock samples and historical airplanes. Take a look and don’t miss out :)



Whenever you visit Washington DC you should always plan a trip to the charming district of Georgetown. Only a short ride away from the skyline and the memorials, this historic neighborhood will enchant you in no time. Located in northwest Washington it is is right by the Potomac river and a great spot for entertainment and leisure. Stroll the cobble stone streets with is lovely architecture or take a little boat tour on the canals. You will feel like you stepped into an all-american movie ;)

Georgetown, Washington, DC skyline on the Potomac River.

The iconic Blues Alley is one of Georgetown’s main attractions. Founded in 1965 it is one of the most treasured venues in town. Stars like Ella Fitzgerald and Eva Cassidy are only two of the many famous artists who have played here. If you want a trip a little further back in time than the 1960’s you should pay a visit to the famous Old Stone House which is the oldest building in the whole area. Completely open to the public, you are allowed to take an exclusive peak ;)

Last but not least, I should tell you the sweetest thing about Georgetown ;) There is a never-ending cupcake competition going on! Believe it or not but the little district is well-known for their colourful and creative cupcake creations :) Georgetown Cupcake, Baked & Wired, as well as Sprinkles and Crumbs Bake Shop are frequently coming up with new delicious fillings, you won’t be able to resist. Chocolate, buttercream, even candied bacon on top. The creations go beyond anything ordinary. Brace yourselves, you will be craving them for the rest of your lives ;)

Around the Area

DC itself has hundreds and hundreds of great spots to explore. But what needs to be said about this city, that the surroundings are no less exciting. Surrounded by the states of Maryland and Virginia there is stunning nature around and even not to mention great cities like Annapolis. Only a short drive away from the city, you will feel like you left most of the civilization behind. Follow the Potomac River into the wild and explore some of the hiking trails around. The Billy Goat Trail for example is right within the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historic Park. The Great Falls in Montgomery are another great spot right around the area.

If you wish for more city life, you should plan a day trip to Annapolis. Located right by the water, the city shows off with a stunning port and the US Naval Academy. Historic Streets and great coastal flair. Fishing, sailing or entertainment. You have all the options :)

Annapolis, Maryland, USA State House and St. Mary's Church viewed over Annapolis Harbor and Compromise Bridge.

Explore Washington DC and really and plan your trip to the US! I am sure you have been dreaming about it for a while ;)


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