British travel vlogger, Nicky Kelvin, better known to his growing audience as Miles Mogul, holds an impressive mission in helping you fly to your dream holiday destinations, in as much style as possible, for as little as possible… and he does it very well! ;)

Miles Mogul – First Class from London to New York, Via Dublin!

It pretty much all started for him when his sister left her role as a flight attendant with British Airways, and of course, he needed to find another way to travel for little to nothing… and so began a pretty engaging project! But, I’m gonna let him tell you about it himself. I caught up with him for a chat about where it all sparked from and what’s next.

And, even better… I’ve got an exclusive premiere of the brand new episode in his travels for you to watch below! :)


When did the travel bug kick in? Or at least to this extent?

I’ve had an obsession with airplanes since being a little kid and I’ve always wanted to be a commercial airline pilot! As I was growing up I was lucky enough to have a sister who was BA cabin crew and so I was able to travel a lot on the cheap using her staff discount. however I think the first trigger that fired me up and made me want to see the world was watching the film the Beach when I was 14!

You first started just tipping friends and family on different tips and tricks, then expanded to YouTube and started building up an audience – had you done much work in front of a camera before this or what was that experience like?

I was actually a bit of child actor but I left that behind when I went to study law and become and solicitor. It’s been a real learning curve gaining that confidence in front of the camera again but I definitely feel at home doing that sort of thing. I presented an 8 part video series for the Telegraph on smart phone photography which was a real baptism of fire. People say I have a natural presenting style and I’m looking forward to doing and growing more in his area.


It must be pretty cool now to not only have an audience to share experiences and tips with but to have a lot of travel experiences documented that you can now look back on?

Yeah it’s great! It forces me to document the fun bits of my life which will be brilliant in years to come. 

What’s been the best travel experience for you personally that you remember? Or have there been any disasters?

I have travelled to some crazy places so I have a very long list of incredible and terrible stories. The most insane travel experience was going to North Korea for a week and being subjected to the regime’s slick propaganda machine and the worst was being locked in a room and being forced to smuggle jewels when I was in Jaipur, India. (I escaped without taking the jewels!)

Finally, what’s a dream travel destination you’re yet to conquer?

I have travelled all over South America and adored it but I’ve never been to Brazil. I’m waiting for my chance to pounce!


You can check out the links below to keep up to date with Miles Mogul’s endeavours and adventures, and check out the latest episode of his vlogs below, where he travels first class from London to New York, via Dublin… and saves a whole heap of money!

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