We all like to be prepared but sometimes we can all take it a bit too far! These are some of the craziest things that we think we need to have with us on holidays and some tips on how to reduce the amount you end up bringing with you.

Every year it’s the same: your summer holiday is coming up and you need to pack your suitcase. It often happens that 30 outfits, 5 pairs of shoes and half of the bathroom cupboard seem to wander into the bag – not a good thing when you have a 25kg weight limit! But wait! If we’re being honest, we always pack too much, and things that you really don’t need once you arrive end up being packed. But I’m here to put a stop to that and tell you what you can leave at home in good conscience!

Avoid taking pointless things on holiday!

Medication to treat every imaginable illness

If you’re a generally healthy person, you really don’t need to take that many meds on holiday with you. So why do we then pack 100 Ibuprofen, 50 Imodium, throat lozenges, wound- and burn ointment and numerous other gels and creams? Unless you’re going to a tiny village in Africa, there is almost guaranteed to be a pharmacy where you can buy anything you need in an emergency. So just take with you what is absolutely necessary. unnecessary items

Hairdryer, Hair Straighteners & Curlers

In most hotels, you’ll find a hairdryer in the bathroom. Even if there isn’t one, you can always ask at reception, where there are always hairdryers available to loan out. As well as this, in warm summer temperatures your hair will dry very quickly, which is healthier for your hair than the hot temperatures of the hairdryer. Even if your hairdryer is really small, you’re better off leaving it at home and saving the weight for souvenirs and clothes! The same goes most of the time for hair straighteners and curlers, then you can just relax and enjoy your holiday without fussing over your hair all the time.

Outfits for all weather conditions and every activity

Now don’t we all know about this one… you simply can’t decide what to wear and then end up packing every t-shirt, vest, pair of trousers and dress that you have tucked away somewhere in your closet. Then once you’re on holiday, you notice that half the clothes don’t fit anymore and that you have definitely over-packed! So, my tip to avoid this is: lay out your favourite outfits, then just pack these plus two or three more tops. Three to four complete outfits is usually enough for a week away, because most of the time you’re just chilling on the beach in your bikini, swimming trunks and a little cover-up dress. So who really needs two pairs of jeans, a leather jacket, three belts and so on…? You should also limit your swimwear to just 2 or 3 bikinis, which can be quickly washed through and worn again. unnecessary items

Too many shoes

Flip flops, sandals, high heels, wedges, hiking boots, running shoes and two pairs of each… nobody wears that many pairs of shoes on holiday! When you go on vacation, you don’t end up walking or running or partying! All you need is a few pairs of flip flops for the poolside and beach, a couple of pairs of sandals and a few pairs of covered shoes, such as a pair of trainers, then you’re prepared for all eventualities.

Skincare and Cosmetic Products

I advise that you limit yourself to the most important products and that you don’t take all of your skincare and make up products away with you! In most of the typical summer holiday destinations, the temperatures are far too warm for heavy make up and oily creams, that will get washed away when you go swimming anyway. The most important things to have with you are a protective sun cream, a soothing after sun lotion and a good conditioner for your sun damaged hair, to ensure that your body is properly looked after during and after being exposed to the sun. You’ll usually find shampoo and soap in the hotel already. Top tip: buy your beauty products in travel sizes, or decant them into smaller bottles, so that you don’t need to drag along the big heavy bottles.

unnecessary items
Your holiday motto should be: less is more!

Bits and Bobs and Technology

Handbags, hats, sunglasses, too much jewellery, three books, your tablet, laptop, headphones, iPod, camera, power cables, portable charger… somehow this all ends up in our suitcase. Make your life lighter and either leave it at home or pack more efficiently. Instead of magazines and thick books, get yourself a Kindle, and a smartphone can replace your camera, iPod and tablet. You really don’t need all your gadgets on holiday! One power cable can often be used for a lot of the equipment and in all honestly, one pair of sunglasses with a matching handbag is really enough! In this case: less is more!

unnecessary items
I hope that this advice is helpful for your next trip! Or perhaps you already have your own packing strategy? What can’t you live without on holiday and what is safe to leave at home? I’m looking forward to hearing your suggestions! And, if you’re looking for a summer holiday, check out my latest deals here!


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