I think it is an amazing thing, that despite all the travelling I have done over the years, there is always something more to surprise and inspire you even further. Our gorgeous planet has so many areas of natural beauty that can leave you slack-jawed in disbelief as you try to make sense of their origins. After stumbling across this ‘Underwater Waterfall‘, I immediately became lost for words.

Image: twitter.com/CauseWeTravel

Underwater waterfall in Mauritius – does this unique phenomenon actually exist?

The pictures of this truly unique natural phenomenon are simply breathtaking. In fact, you could even say they’re surreal – something like this can’t possibly exist in real life…or does it? If you look at the satellite images a little more closely, you’ll actually be able to spot it. But be careful – even the eagle-eyed ones amongst you could be deceived…

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Image: twitter.com/AllianzAssist

A natural phenomenon that’s one-of-a-kind

From the most south-westerly point of Mauritius next to the famous mountain Le Morne Brebant, you’ll be able to observe this unique phenomenon from the air – the underwater waterfall.¬†As if the vibrant turquoise waters that give way to a deep blue weren’t impressive enough already, it honestly looks like there’s a waterfall right in the middle of the Indian Ocean – a waterfall that’ll leave you speechless and can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Does such a thing actually exist? The answer is both yes and no. Yes, we can actually see it and the pictures aren’t made up, but what looks like a waterfall beneath the waves is in reality an optical illusion.

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Image: twitter.com/uberplanet
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View of Le Morne Brabant mountain. Image: TripAdvisor

How does it work? Well, it’s pretty straightforward actually – the huge currents of the Indian Ocean are so powerful that they actually wash away the sand from the south-west coast of Mauritius and drag it down into the deeper regions of the ocean.

So that’s how this fascinating image of an underwater fall is created in our view! Crazy, right? If you don’t believe the pictures you can even see it on satellite imagery on Google Maps. Of course you could fly there yourself as well – I’d be happy to find you some cheap flights!

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