On June 10th, footballers from across the continent will be welcomed in France for the sports event of the year! Because I’m pretty excited, and I like to travel of course, here’s my little tour of Europe’s finest players we’re set to see over the next month! ;)

Olivier Giroud, Chambéry

Photo: Wikimedia Commons – CC-BY-2.0

Olivier Giroud: I couldn’t start a top 10 without mentioning a host player could I!? ;) Not only has he got the looks to make it to the top of this post, but he’s also a top Gunners striker, and I can see him doing wonders in the Euros Group A!

Photo: pixabay – CC0 1.0 Universal

Chambéry : A place with some beautiful scenery and a stunning landscape, why not pop by and discover the Elephants Fountain or schedule a tanning session at the Lake Bourget? Make even dig into Fondue or Raclette… it’s renowned here!!



Gerard Picqué, Barcelona

Photo: Flickr – CC BY 2.0

Gerard Picque: Although a French name, this Barcelona man defends the Spanish side this Summer! With fiery eyes like these, it’s no mystery that attackers are a bit thrown off… that will come in handy!!


Barcelona: The beautiful Catalonian capital… I will never tire of telling you of all its beauties ;) If you choose to explore Picque’s hometown, why not start with a stroll on las Ramblas and suss out the Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell? An incredible city to adventure through, and the massive adventure is that the culture is evident just about everywhere so you’ll be seeing something new at all times!


Cristiano Ronaldo, Funchal

Photo: Photo Works /

Cristiano Ronaldo: This Portuguese star never fails to follow up on every last athletic performance in recent seasons. Yes, of course it’s for his 539 goals in all competitions that I place him in this list… he just happens to be quite easy on the eyes as well! ;)


Funchal: If you’re not aware of this beautiful Madeira Island, then at least you’ve got one valuable lesson from this post! :D On the sidelines of the African Coast, this Portuguese destination boasts gorgeous beaches and dazzling wild beauty. If you visit here you’ll be able to embark on a tropical safari, a hike up to pretty amazing heights, or just tasting delicious seafood delicacies… which is one I’d strongly recommend!


Mats Jummels, Bergisch Gladbach

Photo: AGIF /

Mats Hummels: The Borussia Dortmund defender attacks with force throughout the Bundesliga, and his heading ability is matched only to his beauty! Charming, talented, I definitely couldn’t forget a trip to the beautiful kids of football in this European tour!


Cologne: Yes, I know Mats Hummels wasn’t born in Cologne, but it’s one of the most beautiful cities in Germany and is so close to his hometown, that I just had to give you a taste of it! If you’ve never visited this place, I recommend you do so ASAP. The true beauty of the cathedral and the whole city surrounding it will really charm you. Besides being incredible cosmopolitan and slightly hip around the edges, it is a real spot for students and therefore the perfect place to discover the German way of life! ;)


Shane Long, Gortnahoe

Photo: Wikimedia Commona – CC BY-SA 3.0

Shane Long: I couldn’t do an article like this and not include one of our own now could I!? :) 19 goals in 59 appearances for the Boys in Green, he’s our rock and we’ll rely on him greatly for the upcoming matches. If you’re lucky enough to be heading to France in just over a week, get right behind Shane and the boys!

Ireland_Cliffs of Moher

Munster: Specifically from Gortnahoe in County Tipperary, Shane Long is well and truly a Munster man, and we know there’s just so much you can explore in the South-Western province. From the Cliffs of Moher in County Clare to King John’s Castle in Limerick and everything in between. Not too far from Tipp-town you could embark on the Ring of Kerry, always a great adventure with plenty of scenery. And that’s what the West is all about… the variety of fresh scenery!


Robert Lewandowski, Warsaw

Photo: Vlad1988 /

Robert Lewandowski: This Polish striker is probably one of the best players around at the moment, and in addition to his knowledge of step overs and dribbles of all kinds, he’s something to look at! After a magnificent season with his club Bayern Munich, I expect to see big things from him in the Euros. Greetings from Ireland, Robert!


Warsaw: Nicknamed the Phoenix City after numerous tragedies occurred at the end of the Second World War, and it’s stone by stone reconstruction by the inhabitants, Warsaw is a seriously beautiful city now that I have to urge you to visit. Explore the Market Place, travel the length of the streets of the Old Town and suss out Royal Castle. The possibilities are endless in this Polish city. And maybe you’ll meet a Robert lookalike… never know! ;)


Andrea Pirlo, Flero

Photo: Photo Works /

Andrea Pirlo: The dark and handsome man that every woman dreams of having on her arm, Pirlo at 36 years old hasn’t lost an ounce of talent in his entire career! 116 selections with Italy and 815 professional games, Pirlo is pretty much Italy’s national hero. I would wish him well, but only as far as second place in Group E thank you very much! ;)

Duomo at sunrise

Milan: You know those places you just have to see once in your life? This is definitely one! Overshadowed this year with the World Expo, people tend to forget just how remarkable the city itself actually is. Capital of Culture and Fashion, the city is perfect for a short city trip. For history lovers, you can visit the ancient ruins of Colonne di San Lorenzo, testimony of the time of the Roman Empire.


Axel Witsel, Liege

CP DC Press /

Axel Witsel: Another in our group, we can’t really big them up too much can we… buuuut we definitely couldn’t leave him out! ;) The Red Devils midfielder, now playing at Zenit St Petersburg is sure to bring some excitement to the group E clashes.


Liege: This charming small town in Belgium is a city full of bounce and boasts a student majority. If you like to party and enjoy good beers with good pals, this should suit you down to the ground! ;) Discover Coteaux de la Citadelle, or pay a visit to the magnificent Cathedral of Liege. In particular, art and architecture fans will have everything they need right here.


Gareth Bale, Cardiff

Photo: Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley /


Gareth Bale: Born in Cardiff, Bale now plays for Real Madrid alongside Cristiano Ronaldo previously cited. Long compared to Ryan Giggs, this player has emerged over the years as the centerpiece of the Welsh team, and is a massive part of their qualification. Talented and exquisitely beautiful, I look forward to seeing some Welsh games!!


Cardiff: The capital of Wales, this only became such a great city in the 20th century… until then it existed merely as a small village. It boasts an authentic city centre and a beautiful castle. It’s also the perfect place for a pint or a bit of a shopping spree… so a wonderful city break choice!


Jesus Navas, Los Palacios Villafranca

Photo: Maxisport /

Jesus Navas: With eyes like this… is it really any wonder he ended up in this list!? ;) The young midfielder is bound to crack more than one this Summer! Originally from the region of Seville, he now plays with Manchester City. Scorer of 3 goals with the Spanish side, he’s bound to find the back of the net again pretty quickly!


Seville: The last city of our football eurotrip , but definitely not the least beautiful! The charm of Seville is second to none. Full of treasures and cultures, it’s bound to charm you. And the weather is also to die for… so it just adds to the appeal really! ;)


And voila, that’s it! Tell me who you’re Euro 2016 darlings are and which team you’re betting on this Summer… I welcome your feedback!

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