President Donald Trump is renaming Barack Obama Plaza to “Trump Plaza” and the Irish are not amused. Plans of creating a golf course nearby have also turned into action and construction will start in early May. Moneygall has agreed to plans.

It’s not the first time that President Donald Trump has surprised us, however, this time he is interfering on Irish ground. The well known Barack Obama Plaza in his ancestral hometown of Moneygall will be turned into “Trump Plaza”, according to the Irish Times. Taoiseach Enda Kenny and the town of Moneygall have agreed to it, as it could attract another wave of tourists, especially from the US. Another big attraction of Trump Plaza will be the creation of an 18-hole golf course with golf club to “adapt it to the personality” of The Donald, as he said himself. Constructions will start in May and they expect it to be done by September latest.

A spokesperson of the Department of the Taoiseach, Fionn Lacy, has said, “We really should not try to break a friendly relationship with the United States, we owe this to the 156,00 Irish people who emigrated to the US. This could be one of many steps to improve the atmosphere between us and the US government.” Who actually will cover the costs of the change of the plaza is unclear, but it is said by the County Offaly administration that the project will financed by a shared investment by the county and the American government.

It is quite surprising to hear Taoiseach Kenny agreeing to another one of Trump’s megalomaniac plans, especially after his strong position during the meeting with the president in March. Irish times commentator Jeffrey Gallen explained “another man breaking under Trump’s pressure”. What is actual motives are will probably found out in the days to come. A press conference in Moneygall is planned this Monday. He will have to expect a large amount of protesters though, as the people of Moneygall were extremely proud of their Plaza and their connection to the former president Barack Obama.

It is clearly another one of Trump’s power strategies and it shows how far he goes to destroy the legacy of anything that Barack Obama has touched. After Obamacare he is now also trying to eradicate any trace he left in Ireland. How the Irish people will handle it will be seen in the coming days. President Trump plans to inaugurate the Plaza himself, however, the crowd greeting him with “Cead Mile Failte” seems highly unlikely.

I will keep you up-to-date with any further developments!

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