Whatever kind of holiday you’re after, Salou is a tough destination to beat. It’s usually cheap, sunny with beautiful views, and there’s also a whole load of options when it comes to things to do…

Make your Salou Holiday One to Remember!

So, given that Summer is fast approaching and you all want to get planning that holiday, I thought I’d give you some Salou tips, to make sure this year’s getaway is more than worth it! Rather than just going through the holiday motions and going from beach to resort and back again, I thought I’d share with you the best ways to make your Salou holiday a real one to remember :)

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Portaventura – Ride Europe’s Fastest Rollercoaster!

If you’re planning Salou as a family holiday, you absolutely have to fit Portaventura into your schedule. Not only will the kids love it but it’s bound to give you a real thrill as well.. definitely something to remember. Ride Europe’s fastest rollercoaster … at a speed of 135km/h!! You’ll journey through six different areas, each one offering you a whole new experience. Portaventura is something that very few other destinations will offer, it’s unique, it’s exciting and it’s bound to get the adrenaline pumping after a long while out soaking up the sun ;)

You can make a whole day out of it as well. Grab a bite to eat in the restaurants there and pick up a few treats for yourselves in the shop. There’s just so much to see and try out there that it will be a day-long experience, and a really fun one at that. Something for all ages!



This one’s more for the adventurers amongst you! So if you’re looking for a bit of excitement and are not afraid to try something totally new, a bit of canyoning through the impressive and mindblowing scenery is something that’s bound to stick in your mind for holidays to come! Of course exploring a destination by foot, getting the camera out, and all the rest of it is great… but the best way to take in the surrounding landscape and everything beautiful about the scenery, is to really get stuck in and adventure your way through it ;)

From reading Tripadvisor reviews, I think it’s pretty clear that canyoning in Salou is an absolute must. So to make your holiday stand out from the rest… I suggest you give it a go!


House of Illusion

You’ve probably all heard of the renowned House of Illusion. Well, take it from me… it’s a MUST when you visit Salou. It’s so much more than a magic show… and you won’t believe it until you see it ;) Not only do you get to witness the show in all its glory but you also get food and drinks, and there’s a bit of audience participation if you’re feeling a bit daring! It’s a great place to take the kids as well, and there’s an early show so they won’t be missing bedtime ;) You have a choice of what package to get, and you can avail of all-inclusive drinks that will just keep flowing! So make the night as crazy as you like :D

Rather than spending your entire holiday on the beach, by the pool, and eating tapas 24/7… this is something really entertaining that can just break up the evening for you. Quality time with the family as well… as best as it comes!

Barcelona Day Tour

Your trip to Salou just isn’t complete without a bit of a detour to Barcelona. Spend a day exploring the renowned city, check out all the sights such as the numerous museums, street festivals, the striking architecture, and the famous beaches. There’s so much to see that your day will be jam-packed, but you can always just aim for the best bits! And if you want to keep the cost at a minimum, it’s handy to know that there’s free entry to a lo of museums in the city on Sundays. So plan it well! :D

It just seems a shame to be in Salou, so so close to Barcelona and not explore it. So take a bit of time out and see it for all it’s worth. And if you fancy experiencing the Spanish nightlife, why not stay a night. That way you can really kick back and relax , take it easy and not be in any mad rush to make the last bus back or anything. Well worth it!

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