I’m sure some of you have dreamed about the expression ‘just married!’ You can almost picture the ceremony now; the bride walking into the church with her white dress and veil, the groom admiring his future wife and knowing that his life has changed forever.

However it’s not just the dream wedding that has to be meticulously planned. The long-awaited honeymoon has to as well, because it’s that time reserved exclusively for the happy couple and will always be a happy memory to look back on. And in case you’re the one who’s looking to plan your wedding soon, I have put together the best destinations honeymoon destinations in the world. Maybe you’ll find your dream hotel while you’re at it too!

The best honeymoon destinations in the world

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My Top Honeymoon Destinations

Mauritius | The Maldives | Bali | Thailand | Vietnam

The best honeymoon destinations in Mauritius

The enchanting islands of the Indian Ocean such as Mauritius, the Maldives, and even the Seychelles definitely belong at the top of the list of the prettiest honeymoon destinations. We’ll begin with the island nation of Mauritius in the south-west Indian Ocean. For most of us, the beautiful imagery immediately comes to mind as soon as we even think about these wonderful holiday islands. Stunning, white sandy beaches, colourful coral reefs, and radiant turquoise water…not only will it make for a good holiday, it’ll also be guaranteed to be the perfect honeymoon! In Mauritius, there are numerous luxury hotels which leave nothing to be desired.

  • Pamplemousses The most populated district of this gorgeous Island in the very north-west is well known for a beautiful and lush botanic garden that is perfect for a romantic honeymoon walk. Holding hands under some of the most exotic plants you’ve ever seen is just what you need. The Oberoi is a legendary 5-star hotel in this district and certainly one of the most expensive on the list. It has near perfect reviews which makes it worth every penny!
  • Rivière Noire: Also known as the ‘Black River gorge’ is known for its stunning mountain scenery and lays on the south-west coast of the island. There is a beautiful waterfall here called Tamarind Falls. Why not sit in the tremendous silence of the trickling water while you think back to how perfect the big day was? Its really beautiful here and the best hotel I could recommend in this area is the LUX Le Morne another sensational 5-star resort that literally can’t disappoint in any category except your stay not being long enough!

This entire island has endless wonders on offer so no matter where you stay you’ll feel right at home. No doubt it should be one of your top-considerations when planning your honeymoon holiday.

The best honeymoon destinations in the Maldives

This Indian Ocean paradise is possibly the most happening place for honeymoon holidays right now. And with good reason. Spanning 298 square miles of splendid beaches, coral reefs, and splendid dispersed atolls, the Maldives is a beautiful place. The Maldivens refer to themselves as “the islanders” and considering that you have 1,190 coral islands spread across 26 atolls, you can understand why. Read on to get some great honeymoon ideas for when you visit!

Honeymoon or not the Maldives has exploded as a top holiday destination. With Islands and atolls so small that one hotel is sometimes effectively the entire resort. I love how perfect this makes it for a romantic getaway! Next up I’ll list the best honeymoon destinations in the Maldives

  • Ari Atoll – Holy moly what terrific sights! It has top-rated hotels like the LUX* South Aril Atoll 5-star hotel. Some of the finest beaches with gorgeous lagoon water and stilted villa huts definitely make this a gorgeous destination. Its possible to go jet ski-ing here and the service you receive is top class.
  • Male Atoll – Words can’t express how stunning these two atolls are whether it’s the north or south grouping. This is a handy choice because the major airport of the Maldives, Velana International Airport, is located in the North Male Atoll on the Island of Hulhulé. An absolutely top-destination that any married couple would love to stay in is Meeru Island Resort & Spa, a four-star hotel just 55 minutes by speedboat, yes you heard that right, from the airport.
  • Baa Atoll – Keep your hat on for this one, its actually a collection of three separate atolls which gives a tonne of places to choose from. There are even 57 islands which remain uninhabited while others are slowly becoming part of the burgeoning tourism industry. What’s more romantic than taking a tour that lets you spend a day on your own abandoned love island?
  • Lhaviyani Atoll – Blimey this destination will make your honeymoon. Situated in the very far north of the Maldives, this section of islands is particularly known for its abundance of sea life and aqua activities. Take a dive into the unknown together to witness soldierfish, butterfly fish, and harlequin sweetlips. The coral shark also roams these waters but they rarely pose a threat to humans.

No matter which atoll you decide to elope to, be sure that it’ll be an island paradise where all of your wildest dreams come true. A place to fall in love all over again for sure!

The best honeymoon destinations in Bali

Although just a tiny part of the huge country of Indonesia, Bali stands heads and shoulders above the rest due to its beautiful scenery and vibrant hotel scene that’s just perfect for eloping couples! Its called the Island of the Gods by some, and when you lay on some of the most gorgeous beaches with that special someone, it’ll be heavenly. The best time to visit Bali is the dry season between May and October so I would plan that carefully unless you want to be drenched on your big trip!

  • Kuta: Being right beside the airport this is an obvious first stop on your honeymoon when you reach the Island, maybe you’d like to stay in a plush hotel or a cabin on the beach somewhere, no matter what you’re looking for, rest assured that Kuta has it. There are over 12km of beaches to choose from here which makes going to the water a no-brainer. It’s also a hotspot for the local surfing community that’s sprung up here, so anyone looking for sport-based honeymoon activities can get their adrenaline going and ride the waves!
  • Ubud Monkey Forest: An ancient Buddhist temple filled with monkeys is the perfect neighbour to have while you two enjoy your new life together in this wacky yet gorgeous location. I’d recommend the 4-star Bebek Tepi Sawah Villas & Spa which is a top-rated location that offers stunning accommodation from which to enjoy the local wonders. A favourite of weddings and honeymoons alike!
  • Gili Islands: These beautiful islands are like a paradise within a paradise. The best place for a couple wanting to visit them would be The Puncak. One of the top-rated hotels, this resort specialises in making the experiences for couples a special one by the decorating the room with gorgeous flowers and roses when requested. Guests can rent scooters directly through the hotel so you’ll ride the coast. One of you drives and the other hopes on the back for a Motor Cycle diaries whirlwind of romance!

Other idyllic places in the Indian Ocean are without a doubt the Seychelles and Reunion. Not only are there ideal beaches and breathtaking sunsets, but also several exotic species of animals and idyllic rice terraces as well as colourful, ancient temples and numerous other examples of architecture that are just as impressive and full of history. No wonder then that these dream destinations in the Indian Ocean are the most popular destinations for the perfect honeymoon!

The best honeymoon destinations in Thailand

If typical honeymoon destinations such as Mauritius or Seychelles are too expensive for you then I have another great honeymoon idea for you that will make this a honeymoon to remember! We’ll first start with Thailand. you’ll be simply thrilled by the idyllic beaches, the enchanting landscape and the locals and their culinary delicacies. This area is excellently suited to having a good time at the beach, planning small excursions, and even just enjoying each other’s company.

  • Koh Samui: Whether you’re happy staying in a simple bungalow not far off from the famous movie ‘The Beach’ or want to really splash the cash and stay in a spa villa, this is a honeymoon destination with something for everybody. I’d really recommend staying somewhere near the idyllic Ang Thong National Marine Park with its quiet and secluded lagoons its just drop-dead gorgeous and you’ll wake up every morning glad you chose to take that special someone here. If you’re going to go all out in making this honeymoon in Thailand one to remember, then I’d recommend staying at the gloriously pretty Sandalwood Luxury Villas complete with stunning pools, air-conditioning and some of the best views you’ll get anywhere
  • Phuket: You’d certainly feel like you were beginning to fall in love from the beginning all over again here in this destination! A great honeymoon idea would be to combine the impressive forested hills and coral waters, in order to give yourselves a wealth of places to begin the journey of life together! I’d recommend visiting between December and March so that you avoid the monsoon season and any nasty surprises! COMO Point Yamu is a top choice for your honeymoon to Thailand with its pristine position on an eastern peninsula of the island giving lush, heavenly 360 degrees of ocean and winds. Stunning.
  • Khao Lak: Certainly a quieter region than Phuket, far fewer backpackers swarm these beaches and its overall a lot more quiet and tranquil. Perfect for a romantic honeymoon trip! The region is known for its Island hopping which is best done in the dry season, otherwise, you run the risk of turbulent waters while making any inter-island trips. Situated right on the beach, The Sarojin is such a beautiful 5-star spa hotel to call your home for a few weeks as you bask in the happiness of the big day. Frankly, once you see how gorgeous is surroundings are, you wouldn’t settle for anywhere else!

Not just a place to party, but also a place where you can sit back and relax. Thailand is definitely a top honeymoon winner!

The best honeymoon destinations in Vietnam

You should definitely consider Vietnam as a destination for your honeymoon if you haven’t been there already. Not only can you take a journey of discovery through the country’s centuries of history, but you can also spend relaxing days at the many luxurious honeymoon hotels.

  • Nha Trang:  The main tourist resort in all of Vietnam is one of the most beautiful bays in all of Asia. Both international tourists and Vietnamese alike come here to admire its stunning beauty, so bring your new partner along and see what all the fuss is about. Vietnam is a country known for being the perfect destination for culture and history buffs as well as the beach-goers and nature lovers and can cater for both chilled out and also diverse honeymoons. Nha Trang has all of this and more. There’s no shortage of top spa hotels to choose from here, but I particularly love the  L’Alyana Ninh Van Bay which is a top class 5 star resort that caters to sophisticated guests looking for that relaxing romantic getaway!
  • Hanoi: Although an honourable mention goes to Saigon, I couldn’t in good conscience recommend you make such an important trip after your wedding without seeing such a terrific city. Complete with old buildings from the French colonial period, along with bustling streets and with its monumental temples, museums and other sights its sure to impress. I’ve even gone on a pleasant boat ride around the famous Halong Bay before and I couldn’t rate it highly enough. A honeymoon in Vietnam would be well spent in the Hanoi La Selva Hotel, a wonderful luxury hotel perfectly located in the cities old quarter
  • Hoi An: Those looking to dive into some authentic Vietnamese culture and want an authentic honeymoon experience should definitely check out the wonderful city of Hoi An. One of the most well-preserved seaport trading cities in all of South East Asia, it is like taking a walk back in time. The ancient Japanese Bridge is a gorgeous symbol of the wealth the city once had long ago. The street food here is just amazing, try the local variation of Pho, a delicious beef or chicken soup depending on your taste. I’d recommend staying in the 5-star Hoi An Ancient House Village Resort and Spa for its tremendous design that’s definitely going to impress any couple on their honeymoon!

Another destination in Asia which has seldom been named as a destination for honeymoons but is nonetheless becoming more and more popular is the beautiful country of Malaysia. Here there are heavenly beaches and wonderful luxury resorts which are made for unforgettable honeymoons as well as diverse excursions bringing you closer to the history of Malaysia. You can also visit the vibrant city of Kuala Lumpur, which will offer you a variety of modern but also traditional buildings as well as all sorts of art, culture, and shopping.

Honeymoons with a Caribbean flair – the Bahamas, Jamaica, or perhaps Cuba?

It’s not just the Indian Ocean which can entice people with its many dream destinations – the Caribbean has all kinds of wonderful destinations in store for you. What about a dream holiday in the Bahamas with its exquisite, snow-white beaches, sapphire waters and first-class hotels? Or in Jamaica too, home of the famous reggae legend Bob Marley? Over here you can simply kick back in a hammock between the palms and enjoy the Caribbean sun on your skin. History buffs will be pleased to hear that there is much to discover on the Bahamas and Jamaica – destinations which are both idyllic and diverse at the same time.

Equally popular is the Caribbean island of Cuba, known in particular for the seaside resort of Varadero. There’s something for everyone in Cuba – whether it’s water sports, sightseeing in the island’s capital or just simply relaxing and having a good time on the beach or at the hotel. Experience the Cuban flair, dance the night away with the locals and try the traditional Cuban dishes – a mix of Spanish, African and Caribbean cuisine. Those who would like to see more of the island’s landscape should definitely hire a car (which you can do for a reasonable price) and discover this enchanting island at your own pace. It’s definitely worth it!

Cheap Honeymoon Deals

It doesn’t have to cost the world to jet off with your newly betrothed. Sometimes the perfectly priced holiday is right under your nose. TUI often offer very cheap package holidays that might be just the ticket. Other wise have a look at some of my content below and you should be able to find something affordable that you and your new partner can enjoy. You only get one honeymoon show choose it wisely

Honeymoon Inspiration

I find deals all the time that would be absolutely perfect for a couple embarking on the most romantic holiday of their lives. Take a look at some of these places to get some honeymoon ideas and inspiration. Maybe you’ll find the perfect place!

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