Bangkok , capital of Thailand, has become a trendy destination and a firm favorite with tourists worldwide. With an immense thirst for greatness, it has nothing to envy of its Asian counterparts. A real mix between tradition and modernity, this city has hosted world famous film shootings as James Bond , The Beach or The Hangover.

Top 3 Bangkok Rooftops

But what I decided to tell you about today is something different. I did my research to offer the best rooftop bars in the capital and probably the world. 360° views, dizzying heights and delicious cocktails, let me embark on an adventure of the fabulous world of the Thai capital. And do not forget to tell me which one you prefer!

Banyan Tree Bangkok 5 * – 360 ° view on Bangkok

If we talk about rooftops in Bangkok, the first name that comes to mind is the sublime 5 * Banyan Tree Bangkok and its rooftop bar that offers a 360 ° view over the city. Located on the 61st floor of the tower, this bar-restaurant has three terraces where you can leisurely enjoy a delicious cocktail and head to a Vertigo Grill restaurant for dinner. As your Guru, I strongly advise you to book if you want to go on this terrace during your stay in Bangkok as they’re so successful that the three terraces are packed from 6pm.
Also note that this hotel offers a spa with many treatments to relax with before a long evening on the roof. The best bit – you will be surprised by the price of the room in this sublime 5 * hotel!

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Sofitel So Bangkok 5 * – Design signed by Christian Lacroix

The second place I want to present is comparable to the previous one. The Sofitel So Bangkok 5 *, located just steps from the first is one of the most stylish hotels in the capital. It also offers a beautiful terrace on the 10th floor with a bar, a restaurant, but especially a long pool of 32 meters . Here’s where the most exceptional evenings in Bangkok happen! Even the music is broadcast in the pool water, amazing! The hotel also offers a terrace on the 30th floor, and the view is something else! You will be surprised by the rates charged by this sublime 5 * hotel!

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Marriott Bangkok Sukhumvit 5 * – Business foremost

For this third hotel, there’s no pool or restaurant on the terrace, but  a bar that impresses at the top of the tower, the 45th floor off the ground ! Known to be a business hotel, the Bangkok Marriott Sukhumvit offers beautiful rooms, some offering a bathtub overlooking the Thai capital. You will find a wellness center and a swimming pool outside the hotel. So do not hesitate to go here to take a selfie that will make your friends green with envy. Again, you are in Thailand, so do not be surprised at the extremely attractive prices :D

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Want to stay in Bangkok?

And now I’m done with my Top 3 most beautiful hotels in Bangkok . I am curious to know which you prefer: D

If all this has given you the desire to travel, here are my tips for a cheap trip :

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