A nice restaurant, good food and drink, family and friends always leads to a pleasant evening, right? But if you’re looking for something a bit different and something a little more out there, then read on and discover the most unusual restaurants around the world, where you can eat under a waterfall, in the desert, or flying over a city! :)

Top 10 Unusual Restaurants On The Planet!

The Zauo Restaurant – Japan

I couldn’t start this top 10 without mentioning Japan, the country known for creativity and something a little wild! This concept is quite simple… in the middle of the restaurant, you will find huge pools of all types of fish… so you need to catch your dinner! Grab a beer and be a good sport! ;)

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Dinner In Style – Brussels

Amidst the Belgian capital is where you can real live the definition of eating in style! Imagine being taken to dinner where the meal is prepared by one of the star chefs… in the sky! With a magnificent view of the Atomium and the rest of Brussels, you can enjoy exceptional cuisine with family or friends. What an experience!

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Labassin Restaurant Cataracts – Philippines

Ever tried eating in water? Well at this restaurant you’ll come very close! Just below a waterfall in fact ;) Just head to Manila and there you have it! The people are friendly, you can taste the local specialties and have the sound of flowing water surround you in a very relaxing atmosphere. And it’s of course a paradise for children… plenty to splash around in!

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Restaurant Ascher – Wasserauen, Switzerland

Want to enjoy a delicious meal in a restaurant while looking over a magnificent view of the peaks of the Alps? Luckily I found this place, located in the heart of a cliff, so embrace the hunger after a hike! And even better… it also serves as an inn where you can spend an exceptional night or two!

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Restaurant Grotta Palazzese – Apulia, Italy

I have never seen a restaurant like this… and that coming from the Guru must make this pretty special right!? Along the Adriatic Sea, in a real cave of limestone, you can enjoy a delicious meal with someone special :) Believe me, it couldn’t be more romantic! With the sound of waves breaking on the cliff, delicious Italian specialties, bound to make one of the best eating experiences of your life!

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Restaurant Conrad – Maldives

Before you say it, no you’re not dreaming! ;) Eating under water is a thing that can happen! Surrounded by sharks and other exotic fish, head to the Maldives and be encapsulated in a food dream! The 5* Hotel Conrad is located on a private island and boasts many attractions to its lucky visitors.

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Snow Castle Lumi Linna – Finland

Just to hear a mention of Lapland we start start dreaming of snow, reindeer, presents and the magic of Christmas. Not surprisingly, there’s something equally as beautiful in that area of Finland – an amazing ice restaurant. Worthy of some exceptional fairytales, you can enjoy dinner and a night that promises to be unforgettable in this mindblowing snow castle!

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The Rock Restaurant – Zanzibar

Leaving the Finnish cold and heading to the perfect beaches of Zanzibar now, I’ve something equally impressive for you! If you like the sun, turquoise waters and warm tropical climates, this restaurant is for you. Imagine a low tide, stunning views and chilled vibes. It may look relatively normal, but once the tide rises you actually have to reach it by boat… and it’s so worth it!

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Sirocco Restaurant – Bangkok, Thailand

With stunning views of Bangkok on the terrace, this hotel is the perfect romantic getaway which promises unforgettable memories! Of course, you have to be daring enough to walk across to the bar at the end of the gazebo to have the feeling that you’re really floating on air!

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Sounds Of Silence – Australia

A glass of champagne in hand, the twinkling stars in the sky and the soothing sound of the wild fast asleep… this is what awaits you here in central Australia, surrounded by the sound and vibe of nature! As a bonus, you can admire the sunset at Ayers Rock. And a further advantage? The food is pretty unreal!

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Kayabukiya – Japan

We started with Japan so we might as well do a full circle! Maybe somewhat controversial, how cool is it that you may be served by a team of monkeys!? You just have to love the originality… ordering food and being waited on by a chimpanzee… mental! :D

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