We all know the image; clear blue water, the calming sound of the waves coming gently ashore and beautiful shades of golden sand that stretches as far as the eye can see. It is every person’s dream to experience paradise at least once in a lifetime. So to help you decide on yours, I have compiled a list of the world’s Top 10 Paradise Beaches to help you make your fantasies become reality.

My latest sun holidays

1. Baia do Sancho, Brazil 

There are very few moments in life that will take your breath away. As you walk down a narrow and sheltered trail, it is impossible to comprehend what’s around the corner; heaven!

Baia do Poncho beach

2. Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos

The beautiful waters of the Grace Bay beach have so many different shades of blue that it looks like a scene from an painter’s masterpiece. Truly it is one of the most stunning natural sights you will ever see.

Grace Bay 2

3. Rabbit Beach, Sicily

Rabbit Beach in Sicily is a snorkeller’s paradise. The crystal clear water and the wide variety of fish, makes it the perfect location to see what life is like under the sea!

Rabbit beach sicily

4. Playa Paraiso Beach, Cuba

Sometimes life is as simple as a deck chair and a cocktail. The soft sand and calm waters of this stunning paradise is the ultimate setting for a bit of R&R.

Playa Paraiso

5. Playa de Ses Illetes, Formentera

This picture perfect Spanish paradise has everything. Whether it peaceful solitude or beach-side cocktail bars you are looking for, it really does cover all bases!


6. Anse Lazio, Seychelles

The laid back way of life in the Seychelles will have you won over from day one, but a trip to the Anse Lazio will have you won over for life. A home from home for any past visitor.

Anze Lazio

7. White Beach, Aklan Province

The gentle, sloping sand eases you towards the calm blue waters as if it’s whispering at you to come and try out the warm waters. Without a doubt one of Asia’s most stunning beaches.White Beach

8. Flamenco Beach, Puerto Rico

A picture speaks a thousand words. Apart from letting this amazing photo speak for itself, I will add that all roads that lead here are real life versions of pathways to paradise. What an incredible place!

flamenco beach

9. Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Islands

The Whitehaven Beach has managed to remain an untouched and unspoilt example of natural beauty. It is the perfect example of how some things are better off left alone.

Whitehaven Beach

10. Elafonissi Beach, Greece

This paradise beach is one of most unique in the world. With its light blue waters and its sand a playful shade of pink, the memory of a trip here is sure to stay with you for a lifetime.

Elefonnsi beach greece

A trip to one of these exotic paradises is a closer possible than you think. Let your imagination become reality and send yourself to one of these amazing destinations.

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