The Italian island has long since been known as the favourite holiday destination for sun worshippers. But did you know which are the best beaches and a muss for holiday makers in Sardinia?

If you ask the inhabitants of the sunny Italian island where the prettiest beaches on Sardinia are, then I’m sure that the ones on my list will definitely be mentioned several times. There is not just one, two or even three beaches which are top picks. Nope – actually, almost every beach and each small bay is a real delight in itself! It’s not without reason that over the last few years Sardinia has become one of the most popular beach destinations in Europe, if not in the world. Even celebrities like to come here to switch off and recharge their batteries! That’s why today I’ll be presenting to you what I believe to be the prettiest beaches in Sardinia – who knows, maybe it’ll help you with your own holiday planning!

These are the prettiest beaches in Sardinia

Capriccioli | Cala Spalmatore | Cala Luna | Cala Mariolu | Cala Goloritze | Costa Rei |

La Pelosa | Experience a different holiday in Italy with Caribbean flair

beach near the city of castelsardo in a sunny day


Let’s start in the north of the island, not far from the airport in Olbia, where one of the favourite stretches of coast on Sardinia is already to be found: Costa Smeralda. Thanks to its high percentage of celebrity visitors, it’s known as the coast of the “super rich.” It is here, just 8km south of Cala di Volpe, where you can find the haven that is the colourful bay of Capriccioli. Surrounded by pine groves and olive trees, natural granite cliffs protecting it from wind and its shallow sloping sea bed makes it a perfect destination for the whole family. Crystal clear waters are perfectly suited for water sports – a little snorkelling anyone? :)

Capriccioli beach on a clear day

Cala Spalmatore

A bit further north you will find La Maddalena, one of Sardinia’s most impressive landscapes. A delightful archipelago and national park made out of almost 70 small islands, it is a dreamy destination with pink-coloured rock faces, picturesque beaches and emerald green water. The most popular and prettiest beach is probably Cala Spalmatore, a natural beach, which was even the setting for some scenes in the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me You could almost believe you were in the Caribbean here!

Sardinia, arhipelago la Maddalena, Italy

Cala Luna

Let’s continue to the east cost, which is known for its magical, soft sandy beaches. The famous Cala Luna may be the closest we can get to paradise, a little gem which is oozing natural charm. This gorgeous, secluded bay is on the Goldo di Orosei. The picturesque caves offer a cosy haven and the turquoise-green waters invite snorkelers and divers to explore. However, if you want to get to this beach, then you’ll have to walk or come by boat from Cala Gonone or Marina di Orosei. The latter trip promises stunning views of other amazing Sardinian beaches to admire on your way over.

Cala Luna cave by the sea Sardinien Italien Italy shutterstock_192510971-2

Cala Mariolu

Still on the east coast you have another of the prettiest beaches in Sardinia, giving Cala Luna a run for its money! I’m talking about Cala Mariolu in the beloved holiday resort of Baunei. Compared to the other beaches on the east coast, this one is a little quieter, partly due to its remote location in the Golf of Orosei. The beach is also popular for its small white marble pebbles, which you can discover by snorkelling and diving into the crystal clear, azure blue sea with its colourful and diverse underwater world. You can also only reach this beach by foot or by boat, from Arbatax or Santa Maria Navarrese for example.

Cala Mariolu on a clear day, Sardinia Italien Italy shutterstock_197050478-2

Cala Goloritze

Just 20 minutes on foot from Cala Mariolu, you can find the next stunning beach – this time it’s the gorgeous swimming bay, Cala Goloritze. The water shimmers turquoise blue, the bright, white pebble beaches look like something from a picture book, inviting you to while away an afternoon here. This is a perfect example to show you that sandy beaches aren’t always better than pebble beaches. This beach is particularly popular amongst hikers, which are out along the east coast and enjoy a short break, recharging their batteries here.

Blue beach with some people seen from the top. Cala Goloritze (Sardinia) in summertime

Costa Rei

Now we’re off to the south. Here you can find the amazing Costa Rei, a vast stretch of coast, nearly 10km long, about 50km east of the lively island capital Cagliari. There is not just one sandy beach here, but several which form one large beach. This whole part of coast stretches between Capo Ferrato in the north to Punta di San Giusto, where small rocks surround the colourful cove and the water glitters different shades of blue. Walk along the coast and breathe in the fresh sea air and find your ideal spot to spend the afternoon relaxing. The decision won’t be easy though, because each sunny spot seems to be better than the last – what more could you want! And a quick tip for water sport fans – Along the Costa Rei there are some surf and diving schools, so you definitely won’t get bored here!

Costa Rei beach and turquoise sea view, Sardinia island, Italy shutterstock_196948277-2

La Pelosa

From the bustling south, we finally make our way to the picture perfect region of north-west Sardinia. This, together with the magnificent archipelago La Maddalena, is without a doubt the most photograph-worthy part of the island. Around 150 km west of Costa Smeralda, you’ll find the impossibly white beaches of La Pelosa. Lying in the small community of Stintino, you can really relax here and let your gaze drive over the magical views of the beautiful landscape. Steep cliffs and shrub-land are textbook for Sardinia, but give the landscape that extra special charm. Blue waters offer the chance to cool of and depending on weather, there is some great wind and kite surfing to be had here! Another thing that sets this beach aside from others is the view out to another small island, namely Asinara, which was once home to a prison.

A view of a Stintino beach, Sardinia shutterstock_333510986-2

An Italian holiday with Caribbean vibes on Sardinia’s prettiest beaches

And there you have it – from the natural north to the lively east- and south coasts, over to the west where we end our little tour of the prettiest beaches of Sardinia. One thing soon becomes clear: whether a long, white, sandy beach or a small, precious bay on the edge of the island, or even a beach for water sports, every seaside holiday maker will find something to suit their needs in Sardinia! Better yet, take enough time and get a cheap rental car and explore each and every one of these gems, see them with your own eyes. Use some of these tips and trips to plan your dream holiday in Sardinia and make it a reality! :)

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