Some simply enjoy the incredible view, others have to overcome their fear of heights – are you liking the look of these spectacular skywalks?

Sightseeing is simply a part of every holiday! Large, old buildings can quickly become a bit boring, but this is certainly not the case, with the sights which I shall introduce you to today. I am, of course, talking about the most impressive skywalks in the world. These are not just your bog standard viewing platforms, but rather action-packed experiences, where a fear of heights will clearly hinder you. But if you’re on holiday and on the lookout for a thrill, then look no further!

The most spectacular skywalks in the world

Grand Canyon Skywalk in Arizona | Observation Deck ‘The Ledge’ in Chicago

Dachsteins ‘5fingers’ in Austria | Auckland Sky Tower in New Zealand | EdgeWalk in Toronto

Skywalk X in Macau | Supertrees in Singapore | Skypoint Climb in Australia

The longest skywalk in the world – China

Grand Canyon Skywalk

Grand Canyon Skywalk

Most of you have already heard of the Grand Canyon Skywalk, right? If not, then you’re reading this article at the right time! In Arizona, one of the most remarkable viewing platforms in the world awaits you! Located at the Grand Canyon, in the reserve of the Hualapai Indians, the horseshoe-shaped skywalk towers 221 metres above the rocky rim of the canyon. The courageous visitors – and there are about 3000 every day – walk over a glass floor at a dizzying height. A colossal 1200 metres stands between you and the ground. Who knows, maybe this could be you soon, peering over the edge?

Aerial View of Chicago Rooftops and Chicago River- looking directly down from a new tourist attraction of Sears Tower- “see-through” glass ledges

Chicago’s Observation Deck ‘The Ledge’

The observation deck at Willis Tower in Chicago will also give you a real thrill, as well as goose bumps. The tallest building in the city, which was formerly known as Sears Tower, offers a breathtaking view over the whole of Chicago. ‘The Ledge’ is a true highlight here – it’s a type of viewing box with a glass floor, which is 412 metres high, and is located on the 103rd floor. Imagine: you’re just standing there, and below you is nothing but endless emptiness. You’re gazing at the skyscrapers and streets of the city. Perhaps you’re even a bit scared, but fear not, because you’ll be rewarded with a magnificent view.

Young girl standing on the viewing platform Five Fingers and observing with tourist binocular spectacular view of Alps and lake Hallstatter see

Dachsteins ‘5fingers’ in Austria

Not too far from us here in the U.K. is a viewing platform in the shape of a hand, on the Krippenstein Plateau in Dachstein. The viewing platform is located at the top of the 2108 metre high peak, towering 400 metres above the lake. Visitors can enjoy a fantastic and unique view over the mountains and Lake Hallstatt. Also, every finger of the hand has a special feature. All of the fingers are 4 metres long, except for the middle finger. On the first bridge there is a golden picture frame, which you can pose in front of, for a great photo. The second platform is made completely out of glass. The middle finger, on the other hand, ends with a springboard (which cannot be walked on) – it symbolises the freedom of the mountains. In addition, the fourth finger has a hole in the platform, offering visitors a breathtaking view into the abyss. Finally, the last finger has a pair of binoculars, for a better view into the distance. So, this lookout platform sounds quite tempting, don’t you think?

Auckland, New Zealand- December 12, 2013. Bungee jumping man from Auckland sky tower.

Auckland Sky Tower in New Zealand

This view tower is certainly not for the faint hearted. On the contrary: pure adrenaline is required for the Auckland Sky Tower in New Zealand! The television and lookout tower is 328 metres tall – this is, in fact, the tallest building in the southern hemisphere. Aside from the two regular observation platforms, an open-air platform, which stands at 220 metres high, also awaits you. There, the brave amongst you can walk around the tower, or even lean over the edge… but don’t worry, you are, of course, attached to a rope, so nothing will happen. If this is still not enough of an adrenaline kick for you, there’s no need to be sad. Visitors also have the opportunity to vertically jump 192 metres, off the edge of the open-air platform. This is known as the ‘Skyjump‘. Travelling at a speed of around 55 mph, it will take you about 11 seconds to fly through the sky, until a cable intervenes and automatically stops you.

Edge Walk in Toronto

Where better for a view of Toronto, than the CN Tower? The television tower is the highest point of the city, standing at 553 metres! It was probably not enough for the operators to offer a simple observation deck. So for the absolute adrenaline junkies among you, the so-called ‘Edge Walk’ will keep you entertained. You can walk around the viewing platform outside, in the open air. Sounds crazy right? But once again, you’re well strapped in, so that nothing can happen. If your partner is just as extreme as you, you can even get married, high in the sky, whilst you are on the Edge Walk.

The Skywalk X in Macau

We continue our list of the most spectacular skywalks in an adventurous way. The Macau Tower offers a very similar activity to the Edge Walk in Toronto. You can take a small walk in the fresh air, at 233 metres high. In addition, you can also climb 100 metres up a vertical ladder, to the top of the building. Or, you can try out the highest bungee jump in the world… if you dare. There is definitely no shortage of opportunities to get an adrenaline kick.

Singapore Supertrees & Skywalk

The so-called ‘Supertree Grove’ in Singapore is itself, a really spectacular sight! The twelve futuristic trees, which glow at night in bright neon lights, stand out from the other tall buildings in this list, because of their particularly bizarre appearance. The 128-metre long walk between the trees is only 22 metres from the ground. This is significantly less vertiginous than many other skywalks. The views over Marina Bay and the surrounding gardens, however, is still first class.

Skypoint Climb in Surfer’s Paradise in Australia

At the Skypoint Climb in Surfers Paradise, you have to earn the fabulous view of the coast and the city. You start on the 77th floor of the 322-metre-high Q1 skyscraper, and you have to climb another 30 metres, to reach the viewing platform. But the effort is definitely worth your while, because you’ll be rewarded with a breathtaking view. Also, the climb is an experience in itself.

The longest skywalk in the world in Hunan

China broke its own record last year and opened the longest skywalk in the world at the Shiniuzhai Geopark in Hunan. The bridge is 300 metres long and connects two mountains. But don’t look down… there are 180 metres between you and the ground below! But that alone, would not have been enough, of course – the highlight is the glass floor! To cross the glass-floored bridge, you’ll definitely need a bit of courage. Just looking at the photos will make some of you weak at the knees. And if that’s still not enough, you can even bungee jump off it.

So what do you say? Could I convince you to try out one of the most spectacular skywalks in the world? Or maybe you’ve already experienced one of them? Let me know!

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