The Adriatic Coast is famed for its beauty. But there’s one island in particular that’s the epitome of the region. Sandy beaches, medieval towns and bright blue seas – it’s a dream come true!

The beautiful Adriatic island of Hvar, Croatia, is just off the Dalmatian coast in the province of Split-Dalmatia, located in the south of the country. With an area of around 297 km², it’s Croatia’s fourth biggest island and the second biggest of the Dalmatian Coast, and Hvar is frequently named as the most beautiful island in the world. Why is that then? Well, take a closer look for yourselves and get to know this extraordinary island a little better!

Things to do in Hvar

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Hvar will have you under its spell. As soon as you approach this island it becomes clear what a heavenly, relaxing holiday is in store for you. The glowing, turquoise-blue sea glitters in the sun, and picturesque cove and deserted pebble beaches lined with olive trees were just made for lazy hours in the sun. If you stop to take in your surroundings you will notice the richness of the vegetation, see the vineyards, olive groves, and lavender fields that surround you with their gorgeous fragrances, and then you know, a holiday in Hvar, Croatia could hardly look better. Aside from the natural beauty, there is also plenty of exciting cultural and historical sights to visit too!

Traveling to Hvar

The closest airport to Hvar is Split, to which you can travel with direct flights from Dublin. From Split, take a boatride into the port of Stari Grad and there you are, on the gorgeous island of Hvar! Don’t forget to check out my latest offers to Croatia. You might just find your next sun holiday by the Adriatic Sea.

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Split waterfront and Marjan hill view

Relaxing Split Break

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We all have our own certain criteria which makes a dream holiday… Say, a beautiful beach in the middle of splendid Mediterranean landscapes, exciting activities, and interesting attractions – yes, Hvar can meet those expectations! But in order to convince you that this magical island in the south of Croatia is the place for you, I’d like to show you a few places to stay, which will definitely make your holiday unforgettable. See for yourself what sort of gems Airbnb has to offer and let the inspiration flow…!

AirBnBs on Hvar

The prettiest beaches on Hvar

It’s no secret that the island of Hvar is extremely popular thanks to the undisturbed landscapes and the many stunning, authentic beaches. But it is so much more than that. The many holidaymakers that flock to this island every year appreciate the mild and pleasant climate that leaves people feeling refreshed and re-engergised. Hvar is known above all for its warm summer days but also for its comfortable sea breeze and low humidity. With more than 2,700 hours of sunshine a year, Hvar is the sunniest island in Croatia. Isn’t that enough of a reason alone to hop on a plane and spend a week or two here? What do you reckon?

It can’t be a mystery to anyone why most holidaymakers spend practically the whole day on the lovely beaches, as the comfortable climate here offers the perfect conditions. The shallow, naturally sandy beaches in the North, in Jelsa and Mlaska Bay, or the typical pebble beaches on the southern side of the island fringed by pines and shrubs are just the ticket. You can also find pebble beaches in Hvar town, Dubovica, Ivan Dolac, or also in the famous holiday resorts Mlina and Zavala.

A truly special swimming experience is awaiting you on Pakleni Otoci. This is beautiful group of small islands offshore from Hvar, where there are small, hidden beaches, deserted bays, and rock faces to be found. The islands are also popular amongst naturists – Jerolim, Zecevo, and Sveti Klement feature some idyllic nudist beaches. Without a doubt one of the most beautiful beaches has got to be the Mlini Beach on Marinkovac.

Activities on Hvar

Would you like to spend your holiday doing something other than just lazing about on a beach all day? Then there are plenty of snorkeling and diving trips to go on. The crystal clear water and the beautiful marine environments of Hvar with its offshore islets and reefs makes it a diverse paradise. You should definitely take a trip to Pakleni Otoci to experience the idyllic beaches and you can even do a spot of surfing or water skiing there – equipment is available for hire.

Being active doesn’t always have to mean being near the beach though. Why not do a little sightseeing tour? There is hardly another city that would lend itself to one better than the island capital of Hvar – also called Hvar!. Surrounded by breathtaking Mediterranean landscapes, the lovely harbour city has so much to see! Here are some tips for sightseeing in the city of Hvar:

  • Spanjola Fortress
  • St. Stephan’s Cathedral
  • Franciscan Monastery
  • Benedictine Monastery
  • Hvar Theatre

An island for foodies

What is nicer than letting the evening come to a relaxing close in in a restaurant that’s practically on the beach? The freshly prepared dinner tastes divine, the wine goes with it perfectly, and the magical sea views are the cherry on the icing of this wonderful moment. This island is enjoyed not just by those looking for respite or an active holiday, but also those with a soft spot for fine food & drink. One thing that’s particularly popular are the local wines varieties, like the Dalmatian red wine grape variety Plavac Mali. Even before the big wave of tourists arrived, the inhabitants lived off the island’s produce, with agriculture spanning everything from vineyards to olives, lavender, and rosemary. The vineyards still play a very important role today, with passionate wine connoisseurs coming to taste the best of the local wines. Add a delicious Mediterranean dish into the mix of this heavenly atmosphere and the meal is perfect. Enjoy the hospitality of the Croats!

Off to Hvar!

So what d’ya reckon? Have you not got a beach holiday for this year or next planned? Well then now you know where you could be jetting off to! With this heavenly island you can’t go wrong! Warm temperatures from May to October and the option of a quiet and restful holiday or one full of energy is yours to decide. Whatever you do, this island can be enjoyed alone, with a partner, or even with the whole family. Check out my latest deals to Croatia below! :)

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