Some just like it simple but comfortable, others like it elegant and luxurious, but there are also other types of travellers – those looking for something a bit unique, something out-of-the-ordinary. If you are one of these people and are also planning a little trip around France then you should make a little stop-over at Attrap’Rêves, near to Marseille. The special thing about this holiday accommodation. is… Well, take a look for yourselves!

Impressions of Bubble Hotel

Magical Moments in the Bubble Hotel

Sleeping surrounded by nature doesn’t always have to mean pitching a tent! What Attrap’Rêves, also known as Bubble Hotel, dreamed up, has now become a real success. More and more travellers are recommending this unique style of accommodation in the sunny south of France. The fact that the see-through bubbles don’t allow for much privacy doesn’t disturb anybody – The beds are much too comfy, the breathtaking nature is far too absorbing and the natural surroundings bring with them a little intimacy. Here you are also lucky enough to be able to see the clear starry sky at night, which brings with it a touch of magic.

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A Particularly Special Sleeping Experience

Environmentally friendly, idyllic and unique – These adjectives sum up the experience in Bubble Hotel perfectly. Visitors can choose between 5 different places in France to enjoy this unique experience, although all resorts are to be found in the south – Allauch, Saint-Maime, La Bouilladisse, Montagnac-Montpezat and Puget-Ville. If you’re not interested in exploring the wonderful nature in the area, then you can treat yourself to a wellness treatment or climb into the Jacuzzi – That’s the life! Depending on which package you choose, you will pay between €109-€499 for a stay. Vive la France! I say – our dear neighbour across the pond has had a brilliant idea to make a holiday there even better!

So, don’t you think it looks delightfully cosy!? Wouldn’t you want to sleep in such a lovely place? One of the Bubble Hotels is located just half an hour east of Marseille. If this isn’t reason enough to make your next holiday to France then I don’t know what is!