Only one more week until Christmas! But: Do you already have all your Christmas presents for your beloved ones or are you still waiting for epiphany of the best idea for the perfect present? Don’t worry, you know I always love helping out! In the end, your gifts will find their way under the Christmas tree, you can be sure about that. Since we are all travel fans it makes sense to reach the next level with our travel equipment. And for this challenge I found the 12 best and most amazing travel gadgets that you can easily give as a present, or put on your own list for Santa! ;)

1. Mini Pack Away BBQ from Yellowstone

Don’t you just love a good barbecue? And the idea of BBQing a juicy steak or a delicious burger and eat it on a trip out in the fields makes you start drooling? all is possible! Try the Mini Pack Away BBQ grill and have it handy at all times you feel a craving for sausages. It’s small, light and above all it folds away! This way it is perfect for those trips outside, whether during camping or picnicking. Fully built, the grill is approximately 16.5 x 22 x 17.5cm. For transport, you can put the small grill into a handy bag which is included in the package. Makes a great present for the meat-lovers and vegans, because nowadays, as you probably know you put EVERYTHING on a BBQ! :)

Get it here ►Mini Pack Away BBQ


2. High Tech Sleeping Bag Liner

This one is just brilliant! Everybody who has been backpacking knows how it is to attach your massive sleeping bag at the end of your packing to the already massive enough backpack. The NatureHike Sleeping Bag Liner is the perfect gift for anyone who has this problem. You can compress any sleeping bag so that it fits easily into your luggage. It will use up minimum space in the end. The envelope itself only weighs 699g and is available in 5 super chic colours. The nylon material makes it also waterproof and in the end your sleeping bag will fit into your palm :)

Get it here ► Sleeping Bag Liner


3. Celluon Magic Cube Laser Keyboard for iOS and Android

I have a great idea for a Christmas gift for all iOS and Android users out there! Check out the Celluon Magic Cube Laser Keyboard. Your smart phone gets connected to the small device via bluetooth, and tadaaa, a laser keyboard appears in front of you. Those of you who don’t like the usual tiny touch screen keyboard that your device ‘suggests’ can use the quick-and-easy Magic Cube from Celluon. This way you can project your own, unique keyboard. Very STar-Warsy!! This incredible gadget with its modern design practically small, with dimensions of not more than 2,8 x 3,8 x 7,4 cm.

Get it here ► Projection Keyboard and Multi-Touch Mouse All in 1

4. Sleeping Mask with Integrated Ear Phones

Turn up the music and switch off the sound of the world – How much do we all love to just listen to our favourite music and dream ourselves away… A way to enjoy music even effective works with the sleeping mask with integrated ear phones. Whether you’re on vacation, lying on your lounger, or on the plane, where the snoring neighbour keeps you from sleeping. With this handy gadget you can shut the world off and just relax. The soft fleece gives you a comfy feeling. You can order different sizes, so it fits every head comfortably and you won’t hardly feel it even after hours of wearing it. Furthermore, it has an integrated jack with an automatic cable retractor. The stereo jack is 3,5 mm big and fits into your iPod as well as any other mp3 player and mobile. And it’s washable!

Get it here ► Foxnovo Novelty Soft Comfortable Sleeping Headphones


5. Secret stash in a can

You’re on vacation and you need to find the right place for your valuables? You won’t find a safe in all hotels, but also don’t want to carry it around. So how hiding it all in a Heinz BeanZ can? Looks funny and not at all suspicious :) This is where you can hide your valuables when you’re en route and you will definitely have your perfect secret stash! #jokeypresent

Get it here ► SafeCan Heinz Baked Beanz


6. Poweradd Slim 2 – external charger

“Sorry, my battery is about to die!!” Forget about this problem… or excuse! With this gadget you can charge your phone or iPod everywhere! On the train, plane, beach, or on top of a mountain! Poweradd Slim 2 you can charge your phone no matter if you’re outside your home or not. The external battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh and a USB connection is compatible for all Apple devices as well as other smartphones and tablets with a 5V USB charge. An LED display shows how much of the battery has already been recharged. You can order the external battery charger from Poweradd in various colours (i.e. pink, blue, black). It might be small but don’t be fooled! It can actually charge two smartphones at once. It is also quite compact and has the perfect size for stuffing it quickly back in your pockets whenever needed.

Get it here ► Poweradd Slim2


7. Crumpled City – a clever map for urban cities

Maps can be really tricky sometimes. You’re in a city you don’t know, trying to use your 15-times folded city map, aiming at your goal, while you try not to fall over. Once you’ve reached your destination it can be difficult to fold up the map again in its right order without tearing it half apart. Many of you have definitely had their troubles with city maps, am I right? For tourists, however, to explore cities more relaxed and without getting upset over the city map there is now an ideal solution available: Crumpled City, literally a crumpled up soft map. Other convincing fact: water resistant and indestructible :) It is available for different cities: Rome, Paris, Berlin, New York, and London. A perfect gift for a city-break fan! Here you can find an attractive offer for the clever map for London:

Get it here ► London Crumpled City Map


8. Carzor – a razor in the size of a credit card

Attention guys, I have something for you! This is Carzor, a razor in the size of a credit card. You can easily put it in your wallet, due to its size, not more than 8,5 x 5,5 x 0,3 cm. The razor is very handy and perfect for a trip, where every gram counts! #backpacking ! It comes in black colour and with two razor blades. I admit, it’s more a fun-gift than everything else… But will provide with Ooohs and Aaahs ;)

Get it here ► Tinksky CARZOR 


9. The Bluetooth Selfie Stick

But first, let me take a Selfie! To all the selfie fans out there: Meet the IPOW Bluetooth Selfie Stick which helps you take cooler portraits of yourselves. You only have to attach your smart phone to the mobile fastener and set this one onto the 105cm high stick, the monopod. It is skid proof and easy to handle. Furthermore, it is small and light, so you can take it with you on your travels, when you’re doing sports or when you’re on a concert. It is also very easy to work with, an additional manual is included, just in case ;) The IPOW Selfie Stick is compatible with iPhones 4/4s/5/5s/5c/6/6plus and Samsung Galaxy 3/4/5.

Get it here ► IPOW Extendable Self-portrait


10. GoPro HERO4- Adventurer’s Must Have

Something that should be found in every adventurer’s bag is the GoPro. On my travels I’ve seen them everywhere… Apparently, you’re only half as cool without one. So how about next time you hop on your jet ski, hop off a cliff or go diving you bring this gadget along and make all your friends and family can take part in your experience. Of course, it has its price, so it’s ideal for a group gift :) The camera has a high resolution videos, takes fantastic pictures and won’t even disappoint when you take pictures at night. Via wireless or bluetooth you can look at your shots the second you’ve taken them and share them with your friends!

Get it here ► GoPro HERO4


11. Kindle Protective Bag

Sure, if you want to read your kindle in the pool, the hot tub, around your kids PLAYING at the pool or somewhere dangerous like this, then make sure you have the right protection :) chinkyboo offers a waterproof protective bag for your device so that you can read your book without being scared it might break. In addition to that, the bag is UV stabilised and is the perfect protection from sand and dust. If you’re out the ocean and think reading there is a good idea, you can do so, because even if you drop it, it will continue floating on the surface. The perfect gift for bookworms!

Get it here ►  Kindle Waterproof Protective Bag

12. Autoseal Travel Mug

This travel mug makes a great present even for the ones who regard commuting to work as their only kind of travelling. It is especially suitable for clumsy friends who regularly end spilling coffee from their take away cup on their clothes, or other people’s jackets… The Contigo West Loop Travel Mug has an Autoseal function. That means you actively have to unseal it to drink. Whenever you let go of the little button nothing of your hot cuppa something will spill :) You can get the fancy mug in 9 super stylish colours and they are also available in plastic!

Get it here ► Contigo West Loop Autoseal Travel Mug – 470 ml – Stainless Steel

So these are my 12 best ideas for quirky, funny, useful and unique Christmas gifts. I hope you can find something that fits your needs and that I could help you with your search for the perfect Christmas gift! :) And now the 12 pubs are waiting…

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