You know I love to inspire and be inspired to travel. Any hidden gems, any outright beautiful corners of the world, I want to be there, and I want to inspire you to get there as well. So I thought I’d throw out some tips for you, while chatting to someone who seems to be a bit of an expert at this stage… ticking off a city or a corner of the globe one week at a time. No training, no studying, just goals and motivation! :D

Tackling The Globe City By City With Bry!

Irish musician and Youtube sensation Bry has been marking his presence in a different location every week on the video platform, in the form of vlogs… just living the nomad dream! ;) Actually might be a bit of a Guru himself!


Have A Goal…

I’m pretty sure you don’t just wake up one morning, find yourself on the bus to work and decide you’re gonna turn around, hop on the next number 16 to Dublin airport and catch the next Ryanair flight to see as much of the world as you can! If you have that urge to travel, you’ve probably had it for a long time, so give the wanderlust that goal and motivation and it will be a lot easier to just go for it.

When asking Bry what gave him the undeniable incentive to just hit the road, he told me: “When I was about 8 years old, I bought a map and plotted a trip around the world that I’d carry out all by myself… on a canoe. Sadly it never happened! Since then I’ve been obsessed with this idea of being a Grandad and showing my grandkids the videos I’ve made in every country of the world.”

Something to spur you on to your next destination even as you just walk through passport control after a 16 hour flight with 2 hours sleep, maybe it needs to be more than a love for travelling… so find what you’re looking to get out of it and run with it! :)


Adjust To Travelling Alone…

There are gonna be times you’re overloaded with company of friends and family and you jet off on a whole new adventure to a new city and just make fantastic memories together… and there’s gonna be times where daily live commitments hold people down and you’ll be crossing the Atlantic with hand luggage, your headphones and a camera… and actually, if you make the most of it, it can be just as good! If there’s anyone who knows the ropes with this one, it’s Bry. Between touring for gigs and just ticking off that map week by week, I spoke to him a little bit about the joys and struggles of travelling alone, and you know what? It’s definitely not all bad!

“Best part about going solo is that it sort of forces you into being twice as social. I feel obliged to make friends, even on the plane. When you’re with someone, you feel far less pressure to socialise with others and make new friends.”

Maybe take a leaf out of his book and start documenting it on camera if that’s something you think could keep the urge to talk nice and composed ;) You may be talking to a camera for the moment… but possibly thousands of faces behind a laptop screen in a year or two!


How To Stick To A Low Budget?

Of course, as well as inspiring you to travel, my main aim is to provide you with super cheap yet super attractive holiday deals… so don’t think I’ve gone all “yeah just take that 100,000 quid out of the bank and off you go… easy” on you! No no… it may be a challenge at times, but it’s very possible to see the world on a low budget. According to Bry, starting in our own continent is key, and sure once you’ve conquered that, go from there. One step at a time! ;)

“Ticking off countries in Europe is very easy. Just get a flight anywhere in the middle, sort out a car with a few friends and you’re off. Try to avoid staying long in the expensive countries and travelling won’t be expensive at all. I stayed at a 5 star hotel in Cambodia for the cost of a hostel in the UK.”

And that’s very true. Even if you can’t drive, you’d be surprised how cheap and efficient it can be to even get a bus from one country to another in Europe, so if you plan right, you can really do it cheaply. And as far as hotels go, if you put your trust in sites like, you’ll always find the cheapest prices for whatever you need. I mean, just after a brief few seconds looking on Trivago myself, I’m already intrigued with the prices of Cambodia hotels, as Bry mentioned! Have a look here, or even just enter the city you’re planning to visit, choose sort by price, and you’ll probably surprise yourself :)

Looking For Ideas…?

I mean, as you know I feature new holiday deals and destinations here on a daily basis, so the list of places you can go is pretty much endless. Having been to New Zealand though, it’s somewhere that Bry recommends, and maybe if you’re on for needing that homely familiarity, it might be an idea ;) – “New Zealand has been my favourite place so far. It’s like Ireland so reminds me of home. But every mountain is twice as big, the scenery is ridiculous over there.” He’s also recently found himself exploring central America, including Honduras, El Savador and Guatemala, so there’s a few options for you!

And maybe I’ll start working on finding you something along the lines of Bry‘s dream holiday package… “A South American adventure” … I’ll keep you posted! ;)

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