This tiny island of Sveti Stefan, situated just off the Montenegrin coast, is barely 2 hectares large. But that’s exactly what gives it its charm! And the former fishing village perched on top has since been transformed into a luxury resort for well-heeled holiday makers. Join me on a little journey to the Adriatic and take a look at what’s hidden behind the old stone walls!

The region surrounding the Adriatic Coast is really taking off in popularity, especially Croatia. It’s quite easy to see why – the romantic towns with their stone buildings and terracotta roofs, breathtaking vistas and Mediterranean climate are enough to get anyone daydreaming. But just a little further along the coast is a country that I still think is very underappreciated. In fact I’ve mentioned it recently in my Travel Magazine! That’s right – Montenegro also has some truly incredible regions that shouldn’t be missed, and I’m about to show you one of them. Join me on a little adventure to Sveti Stefan and discover the incredible things that are hidden away here!

 Sveti Stefan – a little slice of heaven

The former fishing island of Sventi Stefan is located just off the Adriatic Coast in Montenegro. In fact it’s very close to the popular resort town of Budva, one of the oldest towns in the country with a history spanning over 2,500 years. During the summer months, temperatures can soar up to 30°C with 8 hours of sunshine a day. Long stretches of sand and small bays characterise the cost of this small Balkan state, and the clear, turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea provide plenty of opportunities to cool off from the weather. Yeah – Montenegro is pretty much a paradise for holiday makers… And what does a holiday paradise need? A fitting hotel of course!

Photo: Aman Sveti Stefan

Sveit Stefan has always attracted prominent guests from film, television and even politics. Even Silvio Berlusconi and Sylvester Stallone have gone on holiday here! The island itself is very small, connected to the mainland only by a narrow bridge, with the stone houses tightly packed together on top of the rocks. In 2007, the hotel chain Aman Resorts promptly leased the entire island and renovated the old stone houses and villas with their traditional terracotta roofs , transforming Sveti Stefan into a luxury resort which certainly one of a kind. Wealthy guests who come here can stay in everything from individual rooms to entire villas with private pools and terraces offering an unparalleled view of the sea. The rustic yet elegant ambience and the high-end amenities means that nothing is left to be desired.

If the rooms weren’t heavenly enough already, then the resort also boats two pools open to all guests which are directly above the sea. Just imagine chilling in these pools with a cocktail in hand as the sun slowly sets on the horizon… Unbelievable!

Need to pamper your body as well as your soul during your holiday? No bother – as you’d expect, Sveit Stefan provides a superb spa area with an infinity pool, a gym and a wellness area. Several restaurants means that your taste buds will also be getting some VIP treatment too, since only the finest ingredients will ever make it on your plate. Enjoy your breakfast under the shade of the trees in the beautiful gardens, and sit down for a romantic evening meal on your candle-lit terrace and enjoy the views of the Adriatic. It’s fair to say that this is a dream come true!

Your holiday in Montenegro

OK, I admit… If you’re looking to stay here in Sveti Stefan, then the price tag is pretty steep. Paying €700 – €3,000 isn’t really in line with my Guru style, but hey… It’s nice to dream just a little bit every now and then! Besides, if you’re in Montenegro there’s nothing stopping you from paying Sveti Stefan a visit and chilling out on one of the beaches next to it. Some perfect Instagram opportunities there! ;)

However a holiday to Montenegro is one of the best holidays you can do if you really want to experience a new destination that’s bursting with that Mediterranean flair. And you don’t necessarily have to splash the cash to do so either! In fact I have some alternative resorts here that you might be interested in if you just want to spend some time pampering yourselves amidst beautiful surroundings. Take a look!

Here’s some more helpful links to help you plan your own holiday in case you’re interested in seeing Montenegro for yourself:

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