In my next round of Guru on Tour, I had the pleasure of interviewing Irish travel blogger and film-maker Steven Sheehy. To date, Steven’s traveled to over 60 countries and is classed as one of Ireland’s top travel bloggers.

Welcome to the second edition of Guru on Tour with Steven Sheehy! Back in college this talented Irish guy studied film and photography, and ever since then has worked in the film industry for over 10 years. At age 23, he decided to take a year out and travel the world. Never intending on travel blogging as a profession, he began writing blog posts to let people know where he was and what he was doing. Texting your mum to say you’re alive each day can get a little tiring I suppose :P   To date, Steven’s traveled to over 60+ countries, and is classed as one of Ireland’s top travel bloggers.


Interview with Steven Sheehy

Irish born and bred, there’s “nowhere he’d rather be” than his home country (his whole face lights up when he talks about it!). But when pressed to chose his favourite region, he professes a love for western Ireland. Cork, Kerry, Donegal and the Aran Islands all come highly recommended! Outside of Ireland, New Zealand is his favourite destination. After spending a few months there, Steven fell in love with the country for its diverse natural beauty, the outdoor activities on offer and the relative ease with which you can travel round – thanks to its small size.

As a travel blogger, Steven confesses he’s far more comfortable behind the camera than writing blog updates. His background in film and photography helps him to tell stories visually through his work. He stresses that this story-telling aspect comes about organically, and almost as an after thought. Only after shooting masses of footage on location does he look back and notice recurring themes and motives in his material.

Some of Steven’s most impressive works are his Aerial photography and video pieces. He works  as part of one of Ireland’s leading drone companies (Aerial Photography Ireland) to create these. Steven explains to me how aerial photography allows you to explore places from a completely different perspective. Now he can look down, when previously when he could only capture what was ahead of or above him. Flying a drone looks pretty fun too, and apparently it’s not difficult at all!

We are in awe! :)

For the full interview and examples of Steven’s precious work check out our whole video!


Good luck Steve and have a great trip to Africa!

Check out Steven Sheehy’s work over on his blog and on Facebook! 

I’d say he’s definitely one to watch! ;)


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