We’ve got another big storm heading our way so I’ve put together some travel tips to help you stay prepared for Storm Emma for the next couple of days!

Every couple of years we seem to get weather warnings that make it seem like the end of days are here! And we’ve got Storm Emma to contend with in the next couple of days. Whether or not it turns out to be more of a storm in a teacup than weather bomb I have some handy bits of information you might want to know. In this article, you’ll find some handy information on cancelled flights and the general forecast over the next few days. Don’t get caught out in the next couple of days and check this article out!

So, what is the actual forecast for Storm Emma? | Have there been any cancellations as a result of Storm Emma? | What do I do if my flight has been cancelled? 

 So, what next?

So, what is the actual forecast for Storm Emma?

Over the next couple of days, Met Eireann has forecast a significant amount of snow and some seriously low temperatures. The peak of which will begin on Thursday evening/ Thursday night. The heaviest of the snow is expected to fall on the east coast as a result of the wind gusts. The snow is approaching from the south which will be carried to the east. At the time of writing this article, there are no guidelines as to exactly how much snow will fall but Met Eireann has signalled that it could be significant.

The main thing to be aware of is that at the moment there is no clear indication of how significant the disruptions are going to be.

Met Eireann has said that “There is a level of uncertainty through the weekend with a complex area of low pressure to the south bringing further spells of wintry precipitation.”

While it might be the case that this could cause serious disruptions there is also an equal chance of it being not as bad as they say. I would recommend keeping up to date with your local forecast as there are a number of regional differences with the storm.

Have there been any cancellations as a result of Storm Emma?

At the time of writing, there have been no cancellations from any of the major airlines flying out of Dublin. When it comes to preparing for Storm Emma many of the airlines are waiting to see the actual impact of the storm. Websites for the airlines like Ryanair, Aer Lingus and all the airports in Ireland have the full intention of running as normal during the storm. When it comes to public transport its much of the same story.

The country is definitely much better prepared for the storm than it was back in 2010 when we ran out of salt! As always I would recommend staying up to date on the individual websites. During any kind of stormy weather, I would recommend following the relevant Twitter feeds.

What do I do if my flight has been cancelled?

The main thing you really need to be aware of is that there will be no compensation or alternative travel offered if it has not been declared unsafe to travel by the DFA. Now in terms of flight cancellations, you have a couple of options.

information of flight on billboard in airport

If it has been declared unsafe for travel by the DFA and your flight has been cancelled your chosen airline must offer one of the following:

  1. re-routing you at a time thats close to the original time
  2. re-routing on another day
  3. a full refund of the plane ticket

All of the above re-routing must be offered free of charge. Something you must note is that these rules cannot be applied to all cancellations. They only apply to a flight that has been cancelled with less than 7 days notice. If you have received more than 2 weeks notice you are not entitled to any compensation.

If you are looking for more information about getting compensation make sure you check out my Travel Magazine article on all you need to know about compensation for delayed flights or cancelled flights!

Compensation For Delayed or Cancelled Flights

So, what next?

Your priority over the next couple of days should be to stay safe and make sure you don’t make any unnecessary travel during the height of the storm. Whether or not it turns out to be a bit of a lame duck you need to take it seriously and take actions in line with the severity of the storm.

One of the critical pieces of advice I would give is to keep a close eye on weather updates for your area. The storm is going to affect different areas in different ways it’s important that you stay up to date in your own particular area. This is definitely one of those things where we are blessed with modern technology!

NOTE: This article is being updated all the time in line with storm developments

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