If you’ve seen Mama Mia (and I admit, I am a big fan!) then you’ll already know just how gorgeous this island is! I’ll be taking a closer look a Skopelos today and showing you what makes this island so beautiful – it’ll be enough to get you daydreaming!

Endless green forests of pine, olive and almond trees, the bright turquoise of the sea and the dazzling white of the beaches and villages – that’s Skopelos in a nutshell!

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Skopelos Town – white façades and historic buildings

The pretty island capital of Skopelos Town almost looks to beautiful to be true with all its little whitewashed houses nestled right by the sea on the slopes of a hill. The small, romantic streets are made for going on relaxing walks and you can really sense those Mediterranean vibes with the bright red terracotta roofs. Almost all the balconies have been decorated with flowers and citrus plants and the smell of jasmine flowers is in the air. Over 120 Byzantine churches and the ruins of a 13th Century Venetian fortress provide plenty of opportunity for day trips that’ll give you a sense of the history here. With all this idyllic architecture and nature, it’s good to know that mass tourism (and the ugly high rises that come with it) are pretty much unheard of here – thanks to a construction ban implemented a few years ago, the island has managed to protect its original Greek character. As a result it can be a little more expensive to travel here compared to other Greek islands, but prices here are by no means too astronomical.

There’s no airport on Skopelos, but there are a few alternative ways you can get here. You can travel to the neighbouring island of Skiathos or fly to Thessaloniki, before taking an onward trip by ferry to Skopelos.

Long summer nights and culinary highlights

Want that proper Greek experience with plenty of wine and feta cheese? Then you’re in the right place here in Skopelos! Whether it’s seafood and fresh fish, aubergines and salads or a nice bit of tzatziki on the side, you’ll be guaranteed a proper feast, especially in Skopelos Town! And what could be better than spending a warm summer evening listing to the soft noise of the waves and bringing the evening to a relaxed and romantic end? Restaurants with a view of the sea such as the Agnanti Restaurant are found all over the coast and promise all sorts of culinary delights as well as a breathtaking view to go with it.

After enjoying an ample meal you could head out to one of the many small bars on the island. Try the local beers of Mythos and Alpha, or drink an ouzo with the locals! If you want to do thing the traditional Skopelos way, then I recommend ordering an ouzo sketo – served neat without water, just the way the locals like it. Γεια μας!

The perfect place to shoot a film

If you’re a big Mama Mia! fan like I am, then you were probably also wondering where this film was shot! The gorgeous coastal landscapes, the picturesque villages with their whitewashed houses and the awesome views of the sea mean love at first sight for me! Well, as a matter of fact a lot of Mama Mia! was shot on location here on Skopelos, with some scenes filmed on the neighbouring island of Skiathos. If you’re interested in checking out some of the shooting locations, then you should definitely head to the Agios Ioannis Church, perched directly at the top of a towering cliff formation directly above the sea. An even more magical sight is Kastani Beach with its many flowers, located in the west of the island where many of the romantic scenes were shot. And if you still haven’t seen the film yet then you’re definitely missing out. ;)

Agios Ioannis Church, Skopelos

Skopelos – beaches and the sea

As the largest island in the Sporades, Skopelos boasts 66km of breathtaking coastlines and is perfect for water sports and swimming. Divers and snorkelers will also have an amazing time discovering flora and fauna beneath the waves due to the fact that many of the waters around the island are part of the National Marine Park of the North Sporades. You’ll find the most beautiful beaches in the south and south west of the island, and if you come outside of high season then chances are you’ll even be able to enjoy walks along the beaches and coves all by yourself. The most popular beach by far is Stafilos Bay, located close to Skopelos Town.

The green island

But it’s not just the coast you should see – a trip to inland Skopelos should also definitely be on your agenda. The many small villages tucked away in the hills are absolutely wonderful to see and they’re perfect for a day or two of exploring. Roughly 80% of the island’s surface is forested, making it one of Greece’s greenest islands. So it’s not surprising that this island is a hit with hikers too! You have a choice of over 30 hiking paths to explore the mountains and hills and lose yourselves in the endless, fragrant forests. Consider yourself quite the sporty type? Then make it your mission to conquer the island’s highest peak, Mount Delphi, and enjoy a breathtaking view of the endless olive tree groves and thick pine forests with the odd village dotted about here and there. From the island capital, you’ll be able to easily reach the beaches in the south and the northern coastal resort of Loutraki. Getting a rental car is well recommend!

So, what do you think – pretty gorgeous, right? If you’ve been craving a relaxed, romantic escape with gorgeous landscapes, beaches and plenty of culture on the side, then Skopelos is definitely the place for you. I especially love the hospitality of the locals and those Mediterranean atmosphere had me under its spell right away!

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