In a hostel, you can get to know new people quickly and the atmosphere is exuberant. You have a boozy evening and this can often lead to a night with a new acquaintance in your communal room. I have asked around – you can hear some personal experiences and find out the best tips for an undisturbed adventure here.

Of course, we do not want to paint all backpackers with the same brush, but if we are honest, sex in hostels is quite common. The problem: the last thing on a backpacker’s mind is nightly accommodation. They’d rather spend their money in a bar, than on a private room. So most of them end up sharing a dormitory with up to 27 other people – who sleep next to them, above them or underneath them. So, for your next backpacking trip: the ultimate tips for sex in hostels – it’s guaranteed to work!

Sex in hostels

Personal experiences | 5 places,where you won’t be disturbed

Rarely a night without a quickie

Today, backpackers are drawn to all corners of the world. At the forefront: Thailand, Brazil, India or Vietnam. Backpackers are particularly attracted to Asian countries, because of cheap accommodation, food and bars. As a hotel room is often affordable here, a short-term love adventure is not a problem here. But it’s different in Western countries. A paradise for numerous travel enthusiasts and open-hearted backpackers is Australia. Over 7 million internationals visited the country of wild kangaroos in 2016, according to records. More than 700,000 of these came from the U.K. Whether it was for work & travel, or as a tourist or a student – Australia is particularly popular among young people. Just out of school, the world is at your feet, and you are single and have no responsibilities. The joy of love is also a part of the travel experience for some. Particularly in Sydney, Melbourne and along the Gold Coast (around the party resort ‘Surfers Paradise’), backpackers romp around, sharing their sex stories.

Sex, Goon and Hostels – A hostel employee’s report

On the Internet, I have come across a very amusing report by Rhian Hughes. Rhian works at the Arts Factory Lodge in Byron Bay. She has already seen and heard a lot in her time there. Byron Bay is the hippy town of Australia – cannabis, drums and spirituality attract millions of backpackers every year. Rhian, an Australian citizen, says that hostels are like “Speed Dating on Steroids”. People from different countries are crammed together in a small space, forced to eat and sleep together, and share the same showers – “it’s no wonder that unusual partnerships occur,” she writes. Every year it’s the same game, “summer comes, the backpackers roll in and the Sunnyboys meet the shy girls.” It all starts in the kitchen – the rest of their lives begin in here. “They chat, smoke, and then the Goon comes out (cheap Australian wine). Two hours later all travel plans are thrown out the window, and the backpackers are desperately in love, and they want to travel the world together.” The conversation then really heats up, until it can no longer be suppressed.

“What I still do not get to this day, is that people actually feel the need to consummate their new friendship in a bunk bed, and in a room with nine other people,” Rhian says. “But in fact, the need seems very large, as it’s almost a daily occurrence here,” she says. “Some of the guests are really loud, the beds shake, and other people have to leave the room.” The Arts Factory Lodge also has a camping area. Your own tent, no spectators, no problems… you’d think. “Many forget that the tent is just one millimetre thick, and the neighbours, (so yes the whole camp site), can hear every sound,” writes Rhian. But the darkest nights can also lead to visual entertainment, especially when campers are enjoying a little romance. “A candle or a dimmed light is often used and the other campers are offered a very special shadow show.” The authenticity of Rhian’s stories cannot be checked of course. So I searched for some experienced travellers, who were willing to give away their secrets.

It’s so easy to have sex in hostels

I was able to find two backpackers, who were willing to reveal their secrets. Kerstin comes from America and a while ago, she went travelling in Australia. Ben is an Australian and lives in the middle of Surfers Paradise. Both have already had some ‘hostel experiences’… one was planned, and the other spontaneous.

Kerstin had just come from Byron Bay and her next stop was Surfers Paradise. “This place is madness! The nightlife is unique and it’s a non-stop party. There’s a beautiful beach, and you can have a lot of fun at Dreamworld and Movie World.” Kerstin checked into ‘Sleeping Inn Backpackers’. During the day we went to the leisure parks, and in the evening we went on a Pub Crawl. “That was by far the most embarrassing night of my life!” A lot of alcohol and a loss of inhibitions. “I was incredibly drunk and came up with the brilliant idea of taking this guy back to the hostel,” she says. Kerstin had booked a 6-person dormitory and slept on the top bunk. “At about 4 o’clock we managed, God knows how, to get into our room and climb into bed. Yes, we were getting closer and closer, and yeah, well, let’s just say that the bed started rocking.” The roommates became very annoyed, and most of them left the room. “A short time later, the manager came into the room, yelled at us and told me to check out in the morning.” Whereas Ben has never had any trouble with hostel managers: he now knows how to avoid the problem. Ben stays in hostels almost every weekend. “You meet so many cool people, everyone just wants to have a good time and share crazy stories – I find it very inspiring.” Of course, he also gets to know a lot of girls. “Most of them aren’t in relationships, and just want to have fun, like me.”

Sunset in Byron Bay

Ben has been living in Surfers Paradise for 5 years now and knows all of the most beautiful areas, as well as the coolest bars. “I show backpackers where the best places to party are, and after a few drinks, the mood is a lot more relaxed – that’s Surfers for you,” laughs Ben. The problem regarding dormitories, Ben knows only too well. “Sex in a hostel is really uncomfortable. You always have to be really quiet, otherwise, everyone else will wake up.” That’s why he prefers to take his lovers back home. “I live just 5 minutes away from the centre, so it is much easier and more relaxed.” But Ben wouldn’t label it a scam. “In hostels, the clocks just tick differently. Everyone wants to have fun, and sex is simply a part of it.”

5 Secret places in the hostel for a bit of privacy

There are certain corners in almost every hostel, where you can retreat for a little more privacy. Here are my top 5 discrete locations for sex in a hostel:

  1. The TV Lounge: in almost every hostel, there is a TV room, which is often equipped with a comfortable couch or sitting bags. At night, there is hardly anybody here, so you are guaranteed to have some privacy here. Check beforehand, if there are any security cameras in the room. Otherwise, you might give the night staff an entertaining show!
  2. The bathroom: the main advantage of toilets is that you can lock them. No one can catch you red handed and whoever hears you will not recognise you in the morning.
  3. The laundry room: a rosy fragrance, four walls, soft pillows – what more do you want? The laundry room is a great alternative for your little adventure. It’s almost a certainty, that nobody will be here during the night, so you will be able to enjoy yourself without being disturbed.
  4. The pool area: in many hostels there is a large outdoor area with either a pool, billiard table or at least a few benches. Dim lighting and a lot of darkness create numerous corners, which are perfect for you to make your nest.
  5. The Private Room: yes, in hostels there are actually private rooms. They aren’t that much more expensive and the best thing about them: they can mostly be booked in the middle of the night! So you’ll have your own little playground, four walls, a castle, and a whole night without any disturbances.

I hope I was able to inspire you for your next backpacking trip! Sex in hostels seems to be a real issue. If you’re looking for a hostel, then Hostelworld is definitely the best place to go. And a bed companion – well, you’ll have to find one of them yourself!


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