Are you still looking for a very special hotel for your next city break but don’t want to spend too much money? Well, can help you with that dilemma! Every day the website provides you with luxurious hotel bargains with up to 70% (when compared to the original price) which you can book immediately. The hotels have got top ratings and belong to the best ones of the respective cities.  Secret Escapes is a kind of club which is why you have to register before you see the deals, but it is for free and you only need to put in your email address. There are no obligations or risks! Once you have received your confirmation mail you confirm it and then you can already start clicking through to the best luxury hotel deals.


How does Secret Escapes work?

The reason for the cheap hotel room prices is that Secret Escapes has negotiated exclusive rates with hoteliers for last minute rooms. That’s how the discount between a minimum of 20% up to a maximum of 70% comes about. The hotels are all high in value with great ratings (usually over 90% recommendation on Tripadvisor), so that you can make a great luxury bargain. Since these are last minute deals you are sometimes tied to certain conditions, such as a minimum stay of two nights. In those cases you have to click through to see which deal includes which conditions and what your possible travel dates can be. But there is always something to be found.

Luxurious holiday for a bit of dreaming…

I have chosen a nice example for you to understand the system better and so that I can explain the booking procedure on Secret Escapes step by step to you.

You can book one night at the top 4-star Headland Hotel & Spa (89% on Tripadvisor + Cetificate of Excellence) for only €150 per night for two people – which means only €75 per person! If that does not sound good enough to you, then take a look at the details of the deal: you will stay in an Ocean-View Room, with a full English breakfast and a three-course dinner for two included. On top of that you can use the hotel’s spa. That is what I call high class travelling! Compare it to the price you would normally pay (€252/room) and you see what a great bargain this is.


I think you know what I mean when I talk about those great luxury hotel deals that you can make on Secret Escapes. I hope you will find a suitable bargain which will guarantee a glamorous holiday. I would love to read about your experience with Secret Escapes :)

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