A hotel that offers you sheer luxury in beautiful surroundings is something we all want to experience, right!? And this is one in particular that I just can’t let slip through…

The Sarojin – 5* Paradise in Thailand

Embedded in a landscape of natural beauty, The Sarojin is a hotel that boasts more than just fascinating views and great service… although it does those pretty well! ;) It’s like an idyllic haven that you’ll just want to spend the rest of your days in… so if you travel there, be prepared to not want to return!


As a guest you’ll enjoy private access to a sandy beach and deep waters, and you’ll also be super close to a host of restaurants and shops so it makes for an ideal trip as well… plenty of exploring opportunities… always good when you travel to a new place! :)

Now we’ll get to the good part… how does this sound!? A hot tub, spa, one of the most divine swimming pools you’ve ever experienced, a gym, golfing facilities, restaurant and of course the private beach. If you didn’t think you’d discover heaven, you will now!


The rooms are spacious and offer free Wifi as well so you’ll be able to keep all the pals back home updated on the beauty of the place! You can also rent a bike at the hotel if you like and go for a little adventure around the area, see the ins and outs :)

In the area itself you can play a bit of golf or mini golf, try your hand at a bit of beach volley or mountain biking, or see how your wind surfing skills fair out! There’s also the option of canoeing, scuba diving and sailing… so depending on how long you can stay you can really make it a big adventure.

If you want to see what dates are available and at what prices, I’ve left a link below for you to browse through ones that might suit you, so just click there and browse a few months and see what you can find – it goes for quite reasonable enough :)


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