Is Santa Claus real? Where is Santa? Where does Santa Claus live? The burning questions that all children are wondering! And now, my dear children (and adults) I can tell you: he lives in the beautiful Santa Claus Village up in the North! Or, more precisely, in the small but beautiful town of Rovaniemi, in Finland. Take a trip to the Arctic Circle, to this magical winter wonderland and personally meet Father Christmas yourself!

Seriously, he really does exist! I saw him with my own eyes, I shook his hand AND I felt his beard ;) Who am I talking about, exactly? Well, Santa Claus, of course! Near the Finnish town of Rovaniemi it is Christmas all year round because Father Christmas lives and works there!

Santa Claus Village

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For a true adventure, take a trip up north to Finland to the Santa Claus Village where you will find Santa in his workshops! Throughout the whole year it feels like Christmas! And of course, it is the ideal place to meet Santa Claus, buy festive souvenirs and send his Christmas mail – ideal for a Christmas present! Explore the different buildings, such as the Christmas Post Office, Santa Claus’ Chamber, and the Christmas House with souvenir shops, Christmas exhibitions and restaurants. You can visit and explore the village for free, but you will have to pay extra if you want to take part in activities, such as the reindeer sled ride or a snowmobile ride. Some visitors even stay here for a night or two thanks to the Santa Clause Village.

The gateway to Finnish Lapland

The Santa Claus Village is in the north of the country, about 7 km from the town of Rovaniemi. In Finnish Lapland, you will find that the days are very short in winter, with deep snow and very cold temperatures – the best way to get into the Christmas spirit! When you arrive in the Christmas Village you will be able to see the line that shows you where the Arctic Circle is. When the snow is very high, there are lanterns and Christmas lights that lead you around. When you come here you will officially be in the polar zone!

Father Christmas in the flesh

What would a visit to Santa’s home be if you didn’t actually get to meet him in person!? His office is in the most beautiful building in the village with wonderfully decorated wood cladding. In his private room, Father Christmas receives hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world. In the winter months, you have to be prepared for a bit of waiting. When you are in the queue, let the elf know which language Santa Claus should speak with you. In his wood paneled room with a cozy fireplace, children can sit on his laps, adults shake his hand and you can have a photo shoot for all the memories. Unfortunately, you will not be able to take photos of your own but you can buy the professionally photos taken which cost around €25 – €40.

Post Office in Santa Claus Village

This is the mysterious place where all of the children’s wish lists arrive. On one of the wooden walls there is a giant red shelf with many different compartments where all of the wishlists from all over the world are sorted. In total, Santa’s Post Office receives half a million letters each year. Some children might even get a response!

Santa Claus’ Address:

Sana Claus‘ Main Post Office
96930 Napapiiri

In this small, cosy hut, anyone can write their special Christmas mail – be it winter or summer. You can buy pretty Christmas cards and write your Christmas greetings with other tourists at one of the big wooden tables. The special thing here, is that you get a special stamp and the post mark goes directly from Santa’s post office. Now you have the choice, you can either have your mail sent directly or you can get the cute elves to post the mail punctually for Christmas day to anywhere in the world. And just so you know: the price for postage is just the same ass in other parts of Finland!

Other activities in Rovaniemi

Just a stones throw away from the Santa Claus Village, you will find a husky farm. There you can meet the majestic dogs or for just a small price book a husky safari. In the town of Rovaniemi (which is the largest in the north of the Arctic circle, with 60,000 inhabitants) there is the Science Center and Arktikum Museum. I promise you, a visit here is truly amazing, you will learn everything about life in the north of the arctic circle, how the northern lights emerge and about the animals in this area.

If you stay here for a few days, you should definitely grab your snow boots and explore this fairy tale landscape. If you prefer, you can go sledding or do a reindeer safari! In Rovaniemi you can plan a trip with one of the many tour organisations where you can take a fast snowmobile safari ride which is a truly special experience. If you are lucky, you will even get to see the breath-taking northern lights.

Accommodation in and around Rovaniemi

After a few exciting and impressive days in the snow, tourists can of course sleep at the Santa Claus Holiday Village. Spend a night in one of the beautiful wooden huts which are right behind the official Santa Claus office. Two nights in one of these huts in winter wonderland will cost you about €198.

Of course, there are other hotels that you can choose from in Rovaniemi! Perhaps you would rather stay in the 4* Santa’s Hotel Santa Claus? If you check out Airbnb you can also find other private accommodation that may suit you better. Do note though, that a lot of accomodation (like Finland as a whole) can be quite pricey. However, you should not let this stop you from travelling to this magical place because you will not find such amazing experiences anywhere else!

Since it is often so dark in Lapland and the days are short, you will see fairy lights all over the houses and festively decorating the trees. There is snow on the roofs and even the grinch will be in festive spirits! The Santa Claus Village is the perfect place to go if you are already counting down the days to Christmas! If you fancy this, take a look at this deal from TUI where you can visit Santa Claus’ Village in a day…

Visit Santa! 

Header Image: © Visit Rovaniemi / Rovaniemi Tourism & Marketing Ltd.

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