If you’ve chosen to head to Rome, the Eternal City, in spite of the heat in the late summer, then I have some tips for you to make sure you have the perfect stay in this fantastic city!

Rome is worth the trip even in August when the temperature reaches well over 30 degrees. It is less chaotic and the suburbs of the city seem almost deserted. In August, it’s traditional that a lot of the inhabitants of Rome go on their holidays. “Chiuso per ferie,” it’s called and many shops like bakeries and galleries take a well-earned break. The Italians travel to Sardinia or to Tuscany, for example. Here, they stay in one of the many beautiful agrotourism farmhouses and enjoy the peace and quiet of the vineyards. Take advantage of this opportunity to explore Rome in the summer!

Rome is so beautiful in August

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Tips for the midday heat | Enjoy the peace and quiet

Plan your holiday to the Eternal City!

Hop on a bike

The traffic in Rome is very confusing and chaotic. A few weeks ago I dared to cycle through the streets for a couple of days and I have to say that it took some strong nerves and a lot of courage. Don’t stay still is the motto – always signal clearly and continue cycling. This is how you deal with the traffic in Rome without getting injured. If you really don’t like the sound of this, however, the end of August is the best time to try cycling in Rome. During the holiday season, the traffic isn’t so extreme and it’s actually a lot of fun to ride through the ancient streets and across the major intersections.

Shop in the summer sales

The boutiques and shops have big summer sales in August and September. Unlike in the smaller suburbs of Rome, you have a great chance of snapping up a real bargain in the city centre. More shops stay open here throughout the summer than outside the city centre. This is mainly down to the many tourists who, despite the heat, stream into the city and are often in the mood for shopping. A chic summer hat here, a new pair of sandals there – head off and find some bargains! But, don’t spend too much money so you’ve still got a little left over for your next trip. ;)

Woman legs and shopping bags holding in hands.

Take a day trip to the Via Appia Antica

My ultimate day trip tip is maybe a little exhausting but the journey is worth it nevertheless. Build up your strength before you go with a healthy breakfast at the Café Active Natural Eating. They have a tasty selection of panini and fresh juices and smoothies, which they make right in front of you. If you go for lunch, you could maybe get a tasty salad – the perfect refreshing snack on hot days!

“You can have a picnic in the middle of the ruins.”

After some food head off on your bike and travel towards the Via Appia Antica, an old Roman road. In the middle of the ruins, you can have a picnic and take a break under the shade of a tree. There are some restaurants on the way – maybe you’ll have a bit of luck and one of them will be open. Here, you can fully dive into the history of the Ancient Romans. You’ll be amazed at how advanced the road planners in Ancient Rome already were at that time. It’s simply amazing!

Healthy Vegetarian dish of Salad, vegetable stew with Vegan cocktail and green smoothie. Horizontal.

Escape the midday heat

I’d definitely advise you to avoid the heat of the midday and keep to the shade. It even makes sense to spend a few hours in an air-conditioned museum or have a siesta. When Rome and its many ancient buildings start to glow in the evening sun, then it’s time to go and explore the city again. Whether you decide to go to the Colosseum, the Forum Romanum or the Spanish Steps, all the sights are definitely worth a visit.

Enjoy some peace and quiet on the Tiber

Rome is on a river. However, when you look around there, you quickly realise that the Romans themselves don’t seem too interested. It doesn’t matter when you go, it’s always peaceful on the banks of the river. The cycle paths along the Tiber are often empty. They are rarely used by cyclists and joggers even on Sundays and holidays. You can’t compare it to the long paths along the Thames in London, which are used by cyclists and joggers as well as tourists at all times of the day. You should enjoy the peace and quiet in the middle of this bustling city and have a relaxing time on the shady banks of the river – you’ve definitely earned it, after all that sightseeing!

Fancy a trip to Rome?

Maybe you have to improvise a little in August and at the beginning of September, especially if you just want to buy a newspaper as the nearest kiosk is often closed, but if you can handle the high temperatures, you should put on your loveliest sun hat and get pedalling. The wind rushing through your hair is a welcome change. In the more moderate traffic, you can travel around quickly and see all of Rome’s unique attractions as you sail past. You can find more Rome inspiration on my blog. Be spontaneous and plan a city break to the Eternal City this summer right now!


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