No other place in Italy seems to attract so many avid Instagrammers than the beautiful village of Positano. This former fishing village on the Amalfi Coast looks like it’s been plucked straight out of a painting – and any holiday here will leave you speechless!

Colourful houses built into the rugged cliffs, narrow streets filled with small boutiques and cosy cafés, steep stairways that lead to small squares and charming houses and a beach that is easily one of the best views of the entire Amalfi Coast – all things considered, it’s hardly surprising to see why so many bloggers, travellers, Instagrammers and loved-up couples flock to the Amalfi Coast! However Positano isn’t just a feast for the eyes mind you! Join me on a little Italian adventure and sample the dolce vita in this truly wonderful village!

Benvenuti a Positano!

Welcome to Positano! What used to be a place where poor fishermen would go about their daily catches has since become one of Italy’s top destinations. Bloggers, Instagrammers, photographers and the hopelessly romantic all flock to this famous bay in the heart of the Amalfi Coast to finally see for themselves this gorgeous village that clings so tightly to the steep, rugged cliffs that rise up from the sea. The former fishing village on the west coast of Italy has long served as a retreat and a place of inspiration for writers and artists. One of them, John Steinbeck (he penned Of Mice and Men and the Grapes of Wrath), described Positano as a “dream place that isn’t quite real while you’re there, and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone.” Such high praise from significant figures throughout the years is the reason why tourism came to the area in the first place.

Positano as a holiday destination

Positano really took off as a holiday destination for lovers of all things Italian in the 1950s. But even know, 60 years later, none of the magic or charm has worn off in the slightest. Holidaymakers come to relax on the beaches sheltered by the natural bays, feast in traditional Italian restaurants and simply enjoy the dolce vita.

The beaches of Fornillo and Spiaggia Grande are particularly popular with visitors to the region – chances are you’ve probably already seen photos of them pop up on your Instagram feed at some point. If you’ve been wondering where on Earth you’d have to go to shoot snaps like this, now you have your answer! Just one thing to keep in mind though – you won’t have these marvellous views and settings quite all to yourself. Things can get rather busy and cramped in Positano during the summer months, with the number of people living in Positano increasing almost tenfold during the high season. If you want to escape the crowds, then head to the Sentiero degli Dei – the Path of the Gods. The path is one of the most beautiful and spectacular hiking routes in all of Italy. Whether you’re a passionate hiker or even just a beginner, the 8km path is well worth the time exploring – nowhere else will you get a better view of the bay of Positano and the wonderfully lush surroundings. If the weather conditions are good, you’ll even be able to see the island of Capri in the distance. Depending on your fitness level, you should pencil in around one to two hours for you hike. Pack some drinks and snacks and enjoy a picnic with a view!

Accommdation in Positano

If you still want to enjoy even more of the views and one-of-a-kind sunsets after your hike, you should definitely look into booking yourself some accommodation. Just imagine chilling on the terrace with a glass of Italian wine and looking out to the horizon as the sun slowly sets – you could be living the dream from just €100 per night!

Find accommodation in Positano

Getting there

Dreaming of a holiday to Positano? I’ve got some handy tips and links here to help you with your planning. The best airport to fly to from Ireland would be Naples, with direct flights from Dublin with Ryanair or Aer Lingus. I definitely recommend that you hire a car during your time here since there are so many beautiful little villages dotted around that you should try and explore as much as you can. It’s also worth heading up the mountains to places such as Villa Rufolo and the village of Ravello, easily one of the most romantic spots in all of the Amalfi Coast besides Positano. The drive from Naples to the Amalfi Coast region takes roughly an hour.

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