Since its release just TWO WEEKS ago… Pokémon Go is almost as popular in the US as Twitter. Now, that’s saying something! But me and my love for travel have found a slightly different use for it…

Pokémon Go

The thing is, whether gaming is your thing or not… once you give this app a go, you’ll be hooked! And if you don’t have a clue what all the fuss is about yet, let me explain a little bit…

Essentially, Pokémon has just crossed the line to real life! ;) The game places your Avatar on a map, based on your current, physical, real life location! You’ll collect pokéballs, pass ‘gyms’ and ‘training centres’ where you realistically pass shops and airports, and of course… catch Pokémon that show up closeby. The aim is… yep, you guessed it – to catch ’em all!

Now to the fun bit…

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The Most Entertaining Tour Guide Around!

The most talked about subject surrounding this game is that it gets you up off the sofa and out into the fresh air… and that’s very true! So, follow the virtual map, and let it take you where the rarest of rare pokémon are hiding ;) Wander through busy city streets, relaxing parks, nearby airports, and maybe even show up at some significant historical sites. And this is key…

You see, the app is smarter than you think. While you’re trekking around your local town or city, backwards cap on and in the zone, you’ll get photos of your location popping up on the screen when you’re near a place of interest. And sometimes you’ll even get a bit of information alongside it. So… there you are, on a family holiday in Barcelona or Sydney, and you suddenly end up staring at a renowned monument… well, firstly  – would you have ended up here on your own!? And would you know the significance behind what you’re looking at without being prompted?

And don’t worry… you won’t need to have your eyes glued to your screen at all times! You can still explore and see the attractions around you. There’s an alarm feature on the app which will trigger once a Pokémon is near you. So you can soak up the bright lights of Vegas or the rays of the Italian coastline, and rest assured that you won’t be missing a single opportunity to fire a pokéball ;)


Not only does this app provide you with entertainment while you’re out and about… but it gets you out and about! It pushes you out that front door on a Sunday afternoon. Because after all, there are 150 of them that need catching right!?

The one piece of solid advice I should give you though… do be aware of your surroundings! You’re warned by the app itself, so take heed! Do you really want to live with the identity of that slow-coach stroller on Grafton Street? Or that sudden stopper on O’Connell Bridge? Be aware that although it may have blown up worldwide… not EVERYONE is engrossed in the world of Pokémon at that instant! ;) And of course, you don’t want to be wandering down a dark alley in the middle of New York at 2am either just because your friend Whatsapped you to tell you there’s a Pikachu on the street corner, or turning your phone back on mid-flight because there’s a Mewtwo in the clouds!

So within reason, let Pokémon Go take you to places you’ve never even thought of visiting! :D

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So once you get the app, don’t forget to let me know what cool places around the world you’ve got Pokémon!!

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