How does the Planned Ryanair Strikes in the Run-Up to Christmas affect you? Find out all the latest developments on!

As of Tuesday 12th of December, a number of Ryanair pilots have confirmed that a one-day strike action will take place on Wednesday, December 2oth. There are a number of implications of this planned Ryanair strike in the run-up to Christmas. This announcement comes off the back of an ongoing issue between the controversial airline and number of their senior pilots. The strike itself was announced by the Irish Airline Pilots Association and the IMPACT trade union. The organisation held a vote of their members and 94% of its members voted in favour of strike action.

What is the main dispute over?

The pilots themselves have been campaigning for stronger rights when it comes to negotiations and collective bargaining over disputes. The pilots feel that their rights as workers have not been respected and they feel as if they have been left with no other option. This strike is the latest in a serious of developments with regards to how the low-cost airline treats its pilots. While the group of pilots that have decided to strike is relatively small. However, the knock-on effect for other airlines has the potential to cause disruption as a result of other airline pilots striking in solidarity.

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Are there any further planned Ryanair strikes?

As of today 12th of December, there have been no further plans for more strike action and it is unclear whether there will be further action closer to Christmas. The Irish Airline Pilots’ Association have pledged that no further action would be taken on peak Christmas travel days between December 23rd and 26th. In Italy, pilots have announced they are planning a four-hour stoppage next Friday, December 15th however last month they announced and cancelled a similar action. The union has also not ruled out the possibility of further strike days if an agreement was not met.

In a statement, Ryanair have said “Ryanair will deal with any such disruptions if, or when they arise, and we apologise sincerely to customers for any upset or worry this threatened action by less than 28% of our Dublin pilots may cause them over the coming days”

What do I need to do if my flights are affected?

Ryanair has given statements with regards to how they think this will affect their airline and have largely played it off as a minor blip. They believe that because it is a small number of pilots within the airline that the majority of flights will be largely unaffected. However, if you are one of the unlucky ones that have been affected we have a guideline for what you should do in this situation.


A Guide for Getting Compensation from an Airline


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