Right now there’s a website that’s changing the game when it comes to finding cheap flights. Read on to discover how this revolutionary company will change the way you plan your adventures around the world!

As your Holidayguru, I spend a lot of time looking for the cheapest possible flights. I’m always trying to make sure you can get as much bang for your buck with your holidays. Every day I check out all of the best flights websites to find you trips that will take you around the world.

Recently I’ve discovered an amazing website by the name of Kiwi.com. This company like to do things a little differently to the rest. Along with finding you some amazing bargains they also specialize in making sure those bargains work out for the best for you the customer.

Cheap Flights with Kiwi.com

We all know what can happen with flights when it comes to delays and missed connections. The further abroad you do the bigger the hassle it can be. However, this company provides a different service that takes the stress out of all of this with a couple of great tricks. Kiwi.com connects the dots on your next flight and in this article I’ll explain how they manage to do it.

The Story of Kiwi.com | What makes Kiwi.com different? | Booking a Multi-City Trip 

 Sample Flights with Kiwi.com | What’s next for Kiwi.com?

The Story of Kiwi.com

If you happen to be wondering why haven’t I heard of this company up until now, don’t worry they are still relatively young. Kiwi.com happens to be one of the fastest growing technology companies in the world. Founded in 2012 by Oliver Dlouhy and Jozef Kepesi, the aim behind Kiwi.com was to use technology to find the cheapest flight combinations in the world. With this simple aim of connecting flights around the world, they have seen phenomenal growth. Worldwide they see well over 100 million flight searches every day.

Like your Holidayguru, Kiwi.com wants to make it that bit easier for you to make those epic trips around the world. It doesn’t just cover long haul flights though there are plenty of great functions for you to check out on their website, and tonnes of flights to explore every day.

What makes Kiwi.com different?

We all know that when you find those cheap flights to far-flung destinations it can mean some changeovers that can be pretty tight. It can happen that you manage to miss your connection through no fault of your own. Most airlines will leave you hanging or there’s even the possibility of leaving you stranded! Kiwi.com wants to make sure those flights are not only cheap but also realistic.

You might be wondering at this point about how they do it and how they can make it so you can have one fantastic trip with one simple booking. This is where the game-changing feature of Virtual Interlining comes into play.

So essentially what this boils down to is that when you are booking a flight that has a number of legs in it you can simplify it down to one booking. So using their amazing technology Kiwi.com can connect airlines that would normally have no connection at all. So with one booking, you can take a Ryanair flight from Dubin to Madrid then take an Aeromexico flight to Buenos Aires. Kiwi.com can do all of this and pass on the savings to you to the customer. 

Not just content with handling this tricky task of coordinating a number of flights, Kiwi.com also gives you a guarantee to go along with this. So if you miss your connecting flight, Kiwi.com will automatically book you on the next available connection. This also means booking you a hotel if you need it! So you can benefit from this kind of assurance and protection every time you book with Kiwi.com and not worry about getting stranded in a strange or unfamiliar place.

How do you book a multi-city trip?

Not only have Kiwi.com changed the game when it comes to booking cheap flights but they’ve also added another great aspect too. All with the aim of simplifying your experience as a customer Kiwi.com have launched the Nomad tool. How often have you tried to book a few flights to a few cities and gotten fed up trying to coordinate everything? Well, the programmers over at Kiwi.com have figured out a way to combine a number of cities into one booking at the lowest possible price.

Nomad finds the cheapest possible route for you. All you have to have is a couple of cities in mind and you don’t really care what order you see them in. It takes this information and generates the cheapest possible flights for you. This extends all over the world, so you can plan that South East Asia adventure or that trip around America in one simple booking. If you simply don’t have any clue of where to start Kiwi.com also give you some inspiration that searches by continent. So if you want to go to South America Kiwi.com can give you a model that you can tweak yourself.

Examples of Bargains Available on Kiwi.com

Right about now you might be thinking that all of this surely couldn’t be possible. That there has to be some kind of catch to this amazing system. Well, let me demonstrate with a few fresh deals from Kiwi.com and show you the true potential of this amazing website.

South American Trip:

As an example of some of the multi-city action that you can avail of, I have found an amazing trip across South America. You’ll stop off at Bogota, Santiago de Chile, Caracas, Buenos Aires, and Lima. All this is possible within the space of a month!

View South American itinerary

Bangkok Flights:

How many of you have dreamed of checking out the sunny shores of Thailand but weren’t sure about the flights? Well, dream no more! I managed to find these great flights that go return from Dublin to Bangkok. They are, of course, guaranteed with Kiwi.com’s virtual interlining so you won’t have to worry about missing any kind of connections.

Browse Bangkok flights

Thanks to Kiwi.com’s simple interface you can book this unreal trip with just a few clicks!

What’s next for Kiwi.com?

Kiwi.com has created an amazing website with huge potential for the future. In the future, the company hopes to partner with more airports and airlines to make sure that the missed connection guarantee goes even further for you the consumer.

Plan your own Nomad trip


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