Dainty rose or even bright pink? No, I’m not talking about candy floss or unicorns… there are pink lakes! What a load of rubbish, I hear you say? Let yourself be amazed because today I am going to show you the fairy-tale places where you can find these extraordinary lakes.

For most holiday-goers, crystal-clear, blue water belongs to the perfect image of their dream destination. But what about a pink or a rose-coloured lake? It sounds unusual, but it’s a true highlight of nature and it looks unbelievably pretty! These magical lakes are not abundant, but I have found ten of these colour wonders from all over the world for you. You can admire this great miracle of nature, whether you’re in Europe, America, or Australia. I am also clearing up the question of how to get to these amazing colourations for you. Magic certainly didn’t play a role, that much I can already tell you. ;)

Group of pink flamingos in the colorful water of “Laguna Colorada” (Multicolored Salty Lake), among the most important travel destination in Bolivia. Roadtrip to Uyuni Salf Flat.

Why are there pink lakes?

The fact that not every lake looks blue and takes on the rather unnatural colour of pink is connected, above all, to the salt content of the water. In most pink lakes, there is a particularly high level of salt, but bacteria and algae can also be responsible for the unusual colouring.

Fun Fact: Did you know that flamingos aren’t actually pink? They only get this colouring because they love eating tiny pink crabs!

In some lakes, like the Pink Lagoon in Mexico, the cause of the colour spectacle are the salt bacteria. The microorganisms are at the bottom of the food chain and they are eaten by the tiny crabs who live there, who simply love them. These salt water crabs, on the other hand, are right at the top of the flamingos’ menu. The natural dye, which is ingested in their food, is called Beta Carotene. The flamingos on the Pink Lagoon are particularly colourful, as the many red crabs result in beautifully bright pink and deep red flamingos. The phrase, “you are what you eat”, applies literally to flamingos!

In Canada, stone particles give the Dusty Rose Lake its particular colour. Optimal conditions are necessary for the lakes to really look pink, otherwise the lake quickly becomes pale or the colour changes completely. I have found a particular exception for you in West Australia – the bright pink Lake Hillier. The reason why this lake always amazes with its radiant pink colour has not yet been fully explained, but here it is also linked to the high salt content. It’s a shame, that not all lakes can shine so prettily in deep pink!

Pink Lakes across the world

You can find pink or rose coloured lakes in most continents. Australia, however, has more than anywhere else! I have compiled a list of the most well-known lakes in the world for you. Might this be your next getaway? Have a look, even if a pink lake doesn’t await you on your next trip! Unforgettable holiday photos are guaranteed!

  • Australia: Lake Hillier, Pink Lake, Hutt Lagoon & Quairading Pink Lake
  • Mexico: The Pink Lakes of Las Coloradas
  • Canada: Dusty Rose Lake
  • Spain: Salinas de Torrevieja
  • Azerbaijan: Masazirgol Lake
  • Senegal: Lake Retba
  • Bolivia: Laguna Colorada

My Favourite – Lake Hillier in Australia

Arguably the most beautiful pink lake is on Middle Island. The nearest town on the mainland is Esperance in Western Australia. With almost all pink lakes, the intensity of the colour is dependent on the light and atmospheric conditions, and is therefore a deeper or paler colour. This isn’t the case with Lake Hillier as you can look forward to a brilliant, bright pink throughout the year, whatever the weather! The ever-pink lake is unique and even researchers can’t entirely solve the riddle of its colouring. Unfortunately, there’s one small catch… Access to the island is forbidden for tourists, since the area was declared a wonder of the natural world. Of course, this is a drawback, but this is no reason for you to miss the spectacular view of the bright pink lake. In fact, if you can’t experience the island on foot, how about a visit from the air? You can book a sightseeing flight from Esperance for an unobstructed view of the 600-metre long lake. It is a natural phenomenon, which is only separated from the deep blue Ocean by a narrow strip of sand.

If you would like to dip your toes in one of the pink lakes, it’s no problem. Other than Lake Hillier, most of the shimmering pink lakes are accessible to tourists and you can fulfil your dreams.

Pink is the new blue!

I hope, that these extraordinary lakes have delighted you has much as they have me! After today, alongside turquoise blue beaches, I’m also adding deep pink lakes to my list of dream destinations. Is there still a bit of time until your holiday? Then throw a pink bath bomb in the pool or the tub, so you can splash around in the pink water ;)

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