Rhodes is one of the most famous Greek islands – and with good reason. Not only does the sun shine non-stop but there is some interesting and spectacular history to delve into and beautiful beaches which make for fantastic holidays. Did you know that Nike’s famous logo was derived from the Greek goddess Nike? The ‘swoosh’ logo was supposedly modeled after the wings of a statue of the goddess. The story goes that it was sculpted to honour a victory at sea at the island of Rhodes in the year 190BC.

But anyway – I’m getting off-topic here. In the next sections you’ll find the best tips for a perfect holiday to Rhodes. I’ll take you to all the most important sights and the most stunning beaches to be found on this little piece of paradise. Let’s go!


A history full of treasures – The sights of Rhodes

According to ancient Greek mythology Helios, the god of the sun, was in love with the nymph Rhodes, and as he shone his light upon her she transformed into an island. What a beautiful story, right? You’d better believe it, because the on the island of sun you’re looking at 300 days a year of sunshine!

White houses, narrow winding streets, crystal-clear turquoise waters – this is Lindos, a charming, typical Greek town which is just as picturesque as it is lively. If you’re on Rhodes you should definitely take the time to visit this town which lies to the east of the island. It boasts the remains of an acropolis bested only by the one in Athens. When finding somewhere to eat in Lindos you’ll be greeted by very good restaurants perched on rooftop terraces complete with stunning views. On Rhodes you’ll also find the seventh wonder of the ancient world, the Colossus of Rhodes. This statue was built in honor of the sun god Helios and stood with each leg on either side of the harbor. However this colossal figure no longer exists, and only two columns remain now.


Rhodes has been occupied by many different powers including the Venetians and the Turks. However the most famous era by far was the Order of St. John which built numerous strong fortresses, many of which are still preserved today, as a means of protection against external attacks. The appealing capital and old town of Rhodes, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a must see and here you can leisurely potter about and let yourself be surprised by where the paths lead you.

A wonderful panorama awaits you at the top of Monte Smith in beautiful Mandraki. You can also visit the Palace of the Grand Master, stroll along Knights Street and look at the knights’ fortress.

Seeing Rhodes by rental car

 Renting a car on Rhodes is actually the best thing you could do if you really wanted to go explore the island and see a few more areas besides the hotel’s immediate surroundings or the next town or beach across. The streets on Rhodes meanwhile are very good and there should be no problems with that. On Mietwagenmarkt.de you can hire a car for a reasonable price and cruise around the island. Don’t let this opportunity escape you, as this way you can really discover the true beauty of the island and you can of course do this all at your own pace!

Where the Gods once bathed – the prettiest bays and beaches of Rhodes

 The eastern coast boasts the best and prettiest beaches. Here it’s beautifully warm with a light breeze – perfect conditions for families. For surfers the cape of Prasonis to the south of the island lends itself well to watersports.

In Faliraki there is a 5km long sandy beach surrounded by large hotel facilities. Many types of watersports are on offer here. There’s always a lot going on in Faliraki, so you’ll have to get used to it.

St. Paul’s Bay near Lindos is the most beautiful bay on the island, with a sandy beach sheltered from the open sea by the rock. Another is Anthony Quinn Bay, which I can only highly recommend you visit.

Artikelbild_Rhodos Meer

Tsambika beach is without a doubt the most beautiful beach on Rhodes. Crystal clear water and fine sand – add to that an average temperature of 33ºC and a few breezes in between. A smaller version of Tsambika is Agathi beach at Haraki……….

In Kalithea you can dive straight into the water from the rocky heights or linger about in a pub and drink ouzo with a wonderful view. It’s also a very good opportunity to take a break in the shade.

Pssst….don’t tell anyone! Insider tips to perfect your holiday.

 If you’re on the lookout for good restaurants and taverns which serve native and magnificent Greek food then I recommend you take a detour to the West coast – or, to be more precise, to Embonas. This genuine, charming village has lots of really good little taverns which are known for their cutlets from the grill and the regional wine.

If it’s good, delicious fish you’re looking for, then try Gorgona on Stegna beach near Archangelos to the east of the island. Everything here is fresh and super tasty!

traditional Greece series - small street tavernas

Hotel Melenos in Lindos has a dreamy roof terrace which has a very good view of the hill and the bay. The restaurant and the bar leave nothing to be desired, and if you want to treat yourself to a good cocktail you’re certainly in the right place!

The Butterfly Valley, also known as Pelekanos, is a biotope 5km from the village of Tholos that is unique in the whole of the world. The unique nature of the valley will simply inspire you with its large variety of plants, trees and animals. You can of course also observe the butterflies. Lovely! June and August is the best time to visit – they cover all the trees in the valleys and it makes for an impressive sight.

To bring a romantic night to an end, you should take a walk in the moonlight on Monte Smith above the town of Rhodes. Up there you’ll have a view of the knights’ fortress and the sea. Simply magnificent!

Boat trip to the underrated island of neighbouring Symi

Symi is also known as the ‘island of individualists’ and in my opinion is totally underrated. An excursion to the island from Mandraki harbour in Rhodes is greatly recommended. The little island is stunning and typically Greek! The cool thing is that you can take a tour by boat directly from Rhodes to Symi, so you’ll get to experience two great things in one day – the magnificent boat tour across the south Aegean Sea and visiting the small but very nice isle of Symi. What is there to do? Just about everything what you can do on all other islands: bathing in wonderful, crystal clear turquoise waters, wander about the town and enjoy magnificent views as you eat good, Greek food.


  • Five things you should do on Rhodes by all means

    • Visit at least one bay and one beach that is outside your hotel.
    • Visit Rhodes’ old town and Lindos
    • Go and eat in a typical Greek tavern
    • Climb Monte Smith and enjoy the views of the town of Rhodes and the sea.
    • Go on a boat tour.

I hope that with this article I have provided a good overview and have given you a few useful tips. If you look at my deals from time to time you’ll notice that I’ll always have a few good deals in Rhodes that aren’t to be missed!
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