Let’s face it… we’ve got one of the most stunning landscapes on the map, and therefore some of the best cycling routes you could picture… so make the most of it with Pedal & Putt!

Discover the Hidden Gems of Ireland’s Beautiful Landscape!

The tour that’s my personal favourite that I just have to tell you about is the ‘Best of the West‘ tour. Get ready to explore the most stunning parts of the Wild Atlantic Way with this one… it’s totally unbeatable!


‘Best of the West’ Tour

The majority of this route takes you along the breathtaking coastline where you’ll discover cliffs, rocky and sandy beaches, fresh breezes and slithering country roads. You’ll go from Lahinch to Galway where you’ll drift through the Burren and soak up the stunning Clare-Galway scenery, one to your left and one to your right. You’ll be surrounded by incredible rock scenery and the of course the heavenly views of Galway Bay. In the grand scheme of things, you’ve only just started, but fair enough, you’ll be hungry for a spot of lunch… so you’ll be stopping off for a good ole homemade meal of seafood chowder, fresh fish and meat… the whole lot! :)

When you hit the road the again you’ll be heading on up to Kinvara. The best bit about all this is that you’ll be stopping in many of these places so it’s not just a case of passing through. You get the best of both worlds… admiring the scenery as you cycle, but also chilling out for a bit and getting a real taste of the area itself. You can stop here in Kinvara for a bit of an energy boost again and you’ll see just how quaint and beautiful the village is. And from there it’s straight on the Galway… the cultural hub of the island! :D


Tackle the green friendliness of Connemara and the rural postcard views of Clifden… this tour is a sure way to spot and appreciate the beauty of the West coast! The Wild Atlantic Way is one thing that surely boasts everything extraordinarily beautiful about the island as a whole… and if you want to experience it in the best possible way, you need to dive right in the middle of it. Get out and cycle through the fresh air, feel the Atlantic breeze against your face and see coastline, cottage roofs and many shades of green in just about every direction you look. A captivating experience if I ever had one :D

If you want to check out this tour and more like it, just click here to head to the website… you can thank me later ;)


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