Just imagine this… you board the plane in Dublin airport, transport to a sunny paradise where you’ve got the sun on your back and some of the best fun lined up for a Summer getaway! Not just your ordinary Summer getaway…

Parkfest Sound Festival is one of the biggest festivals in this part of the world, where 10 parks become a stage to host music from all walking cultures. It really is something to witness when you see the atmosphere and the joy of such a large amount of people coming together to enjoy this one notable event.

Multi-Ethnic Group celebrate the holi festival, covered in vibrant colors, dancing, smiling and laughing

Not only are there plenty of top quality performers from the scene but it also acts as a way for younger performers to make their way onto the ladder, and of course mingle with everyone else. After all, they’ve got to start somewhere and this festival is highly renowned around the Istrian Riviera. A big part of the friendly atmosphere around the place. :) And not just for locals… it attracts a huge number of visitors every year, so as a tourist just looking for a holiday with a difference – this is honestly a great way to do it! It will go down with those unforgettable holidays.

You’ll need to look no further for ways to spice up this year’s holiday, that’s for sure! Embrace this totally unique and cultural experience for what it is, because it’s one of the things that makes Istria such a fantastic place to visit. Just make sure you visit in July!

Music Festival shutterstock_242749195-min

It’s not all music and beer either, it’s so far from your average Irish music festival! So as much as it might surprise you, it can actually be the perfect place to bring the kids to on a family holiday as well. Suitable for all ages… which is always something you want to hear if you feel like you’re rooting around for a holiday with no results coming back to you ! :) The ongoing themes at this festival include stage plays, children’s workshops, yogen workshops and art installations, and of course music itself! So, although you won’t see Beyoncé jumping up with All the Single Ladies, or Arctic Monkeys telling you you look good on the dancefloor, you’ll be embracing a whole different scene and atmosphere than anywhere else, and that’s what Wanderlust begs us to do, right!?

Aiming to promote Istria as a desirable place for young travellers every year, they do a fine job if you ask me, and I cannot urge you enough to make it over at some time. You’ll have memories to last a lifetime… and maybe even some catchy tunes bouncing around in that head of yours for the entire holiday!


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