Kayaking through the turquoise blue sea and enjoying the fantastic view. Sounds fantastic right? – it gets even better! A company from the US designs transparent kayaks, from which you can observe the colourful underwater activity. How cool is that?

Paddling through the sea, the sun glistening on the water, and the waves gently rocking your kayak back and forth: bliss. Your eyes wander into the distance and suddenly you notice… there’s no boat underneath your feet! You’ll probably have experienced this short moment of shock if you’ve been in a transparent kayak before. But this small moment of shock is definitely worth it, because where else do get to experience nature so up-close? In this article, you can find out everything you need to know about this super invention. I’m already excited!

An excursion in the transparent kayak

An American company has designed a kayak that is completely see-through – except for the seat – giving you a unique paddling experience. For those adventurers who want to completely immerse themselves in nature, the kayak is the perfect solution. Colourful fish and turtles swim underneath you and you can observe them from close by – an incredible sight!

“…it feels like you are floating above the water.”

The kayak is made of resilient and durable polycarbonate, which is also used for bulletproof glass and fighter jet cockpits. The developers have also ensured that the kayak is lightweight. The kayak has two seats in total and is available in two versions. It has been specially designed so that it can be easily disassembled into individual parts and can be transported in a short amount of time. The only catch is the price, which is in excess of over €2000. So the dream of owning a luxury kayak will perhaps remain a dream for the time being.

The kayak is particularly popular amongst photographers, because the transparent polycarbonate makes underwater photography even easier. Expensive, waterproof camera equipment is no longer required. In optimal conditions, you can even see up to twenty metres deep! If you prefer something a bit faster, then you’ll have to hop onto a motorboat with a transparent base instead.

You can also take your best friends on board, as there is room for up to five people on the benches. Perfect for a quick spin with the family or some newfound holiday friends, right? However, only part of the boat is transparent, compared to the incredible view from the kayak. But then again, the horsepower of the kayak can’t quite keep up a motorboat! Of course, the whole thing is a better idea in countries with hotter climates, as opposed to on our rivers at home. So quickly book a flight and off you go! What are you waiting for? ;-)

Magical underwater world

The idea alone, of paddling in the turquoise blue sea and perhaps discovering a turtle or even a dolphin, is awakening my wanderlust again. So I can only understand too well if you’re already looking for your next holiday destination. How about a kayak tour in the Caribbean or the Maldives? I’m sure that the beauty of the underwater world will leave you lost for words. But that doesn’t matter, because sometimes words are not sufficient enough to describe these magical moments…

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