Paddle in a transparent kayak – observe the underwater world through your own boat!

As you slowly paddle through the water the sea sparkles in the sun and the waves rock your kayak from side to side. Your eyes wander into the distance and you suddenly realise: there’s no boat under your feet! Perhaps one or two people have already experienced this shocking revelation when sitting in a transparent kayak.

Photo: Clear Blue Hawaii

An excursion in a transparent kayak

An American company has developed a kayak that’s is completely see-through and offers a unique paddling experience. This kayak is the perfect solution for all adventurers wanting to completely immerse themselves in nature. Colourful fish, corals and sea turtles swim right under you and it feels like you’re hovering above the water…

Photo: Clear Blue Hawaii

The kayak is made from a durable and long-lasting polycarbonate which is also used for bulletproof glass and fighter jet cockpits.¬†Despite that it doesn’t weigh much at all, the developers made sure of that. The kayak, which offers a total of two places and is available in two designs, was specially designed¬†in such a way that it can be taken apart in just a few motions and can be transported easily.

The kayak is popular especially among photographers, since they can capture the underwater world much easier with a transparent exterior wall. There’s no need for expensive, waterproof camera equipment anymore.

Photo: Clear Blue Hawaii

With optimal conditions you can see up to 20 metres into the depths! Of course the kayak performs much better on the southern seas than rivers at home – so book your flights and off you go! What are you waiting for? :)

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