Heavenly luxury resorts where people can reside in overwater bungalows are normally something we associate with the Maldives. Recently, however, the Caribbean also has an ace up its sleeve – luxury overwater resorts that are enough to get anyone daydreaming! See for yourself – you’ll be lost for words…

Just the sight of a Caribbean beach is enough to get those endorphins flowing – sands as fine and white as icing sugar, palm trees that give plenty of shade and turquoise seas that stretch their way to the horizon. It’s hard to see how on earth anything could top this – and I have to confess that even I had my doubts that anything man-made could trump the sheer beauty of nature. However I realized that adding a little touch of luxury is just what a Caribbean beach is missing. And Sandals Resorts International, a family-run company, have managed to do just that! There are currently 15 Sandals resorts spread across 6 different Caribbean islands, spoiling guests on Jamaica, St. Lucia, Antigua, Barbados, Grenada and the Bahamas. In the near future it’ll even be possible to stay in overwater bungalows in the Caribbean – long gone are the times where you’ll have to set off on that long journey to the Maldives. Indulge in some serious wanderlust and let yourself be inspired by these exclusive luxury resorts!

Luxury resorts on 6 different islands

When building these first-class resorts, they didn’t just pick the Caribbean’s most beautiful beaches – they also made sure that the bays were peaceful and protected from winds. The sandy beaches are of the best quality, and the sea shines with different shades of turquoise. The excellent service includes all the things you’d expect: on-site beach bars, parasols providing shade as well as a wide selection of sports, both on land and on water. While the guests will be able to forget about the outside world once they’re there, they will have a hard time choosing where to go beforehand though: not only are there 6 Caribbean islands to choose from, but there are also resorts in different regions on Jamaica, St. Lucia and the Bahamas. The advantage of an island that has several resorts in the same city is that there’s a free shuttle service between each property. Guests of one Sandals resort will be able to enjoy the luxury of the other resorts in the city.

The first overwater bungalows in the Caribbean

But what exactly makes these luxury resorts so special? I think a glimpse of these fantastic pictures is more than enough to explain why, but I’ll try and describe these unbelievable overwater bungalows. For a few days you’ll be residing in the midst of the turquoise seas, where you’ll be lulled to sleep by the soft sound of the waves. While you’ll get views of the sea from the small veranda, you can also get a glimpse of what lies beneath from inside the villa too: a glass floor in the middle of your bedroom will enable you to observe the colourful marine life beneath you. A free-standing bathtub will enable some romantic time together just the two of you, or you could relax together in the jacuzzi with an outdoor shower too – it’s your choice! To top it all off there’s a private infinity pool, and at the end of the day you’ll be able to crash in your king-sized bed made from mahogany. Any wishes you could ever possibly have will be catered for by your personal butler. But I’m running out of words… Why not take a look at these pictures instead? ;)

As I’ve said before, each of these luxury resorts are intended to provide the perfect, heavenly holiday that you’ll always remember. Each resort has 16 different restaurants and 12 bars, which means that you’ll have an exquisite selection of ambience, mood and more. Live shows and themed evenings mean there’s plenty of entertainment on hand, and a first-class selection of treatments at several spa facilities round the wellness package off nicely. If you’re curious as to what the local area around the resort has to offer, then you can always go for a spot of diving or head off on an excursion to one of the surrounding islands.

Who else fancies a stay in one of these breathtaking overwater bungalows in the Caribbean? Or even spend your honeymoon here? You don’t have to ask me twice – I’d always say yes!

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