New York has its own unique smell, carried through the air, wafting past tourists and locals alike as you wander through the streets. Falafel, Pita, Hot Dogs, Tacos… There’s something to satisfy every craving here!

New York is always a highlight for any trip to the U.S. Whether it’s the statue of liberty, Broadway or Central Park – In New York there’s an unbelievable amount to see and do. Of course it’S not just about the sightseeing and the many skyscrapers that particularly amaze New York Tourists, but also the massive amount of food choices. Enough to make your mouth water! Whether its a small food truck with Hot Dogs or Michelin Star classy restaurants, the variety of food choices in the City that never sleeps seems never ending. On every corner there is restaurants to suit every taste and every price.

Eat Like the Locals in New York

But with such a huge amount of options, you’ll soon find it difficult to decide what you want on your plate. To help you out, I have a tip for you: Each summer and each winter a so-called “Restaurant Week” takes place, featuring the 170 best restaurants in New York. During these events, the locals offer a lunch for the set price of 20 Dollars and a dinner for about 30 Dollars. But because there is still such a big choice of delicious delicacies to try in New York, I have compiled an overview of maybe the best and most delicious specialities that the city has to offer. And of course, you will learn where you can try them, but careful! I guarantee after reading this, you will want to hop straight on the next plane to New York!


New York Pizza – so good

How many of you like to polish off a pizza? If many of you immediately think of Italy when you think of Pizza, then you haven’t eaten a true New York style pizza yet. This is a delicious treat from the metropolis. There are so many different variations, but the true New York Style Pizza should have a thin base and be topped with mozzarella and marinara sauce.

Of course there are pizzerias all over New York, with Lombardi’s , Roberta’s and Johns of Bleeker Street definitely being three of the best. Lombardi’s is actually the oldest pizzeria in New York, where the pizza is even still cooked in a coal oven! But in Roberta’s you might just spot some celebrities, like Beyonce and Jay Z, who also lust after this wood-fired pizza. Not to be outdone, John’s of Bleeker Street also use the most delicious ingredients, certainly up there with the best.

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Tasty Hot Dogs On Every Corner

An equally beloved dish amongst the people of New York has got to be the humble Hot Dog. You’ll find a stand on practically every corner, where these sausages are sold and you can eat them whilst walking or find a bench in the park to sit on. The snack has become one of the most treasured foods of New Work, which the German immigrant Charles Feltman is responsible for. He sold Hot Dogs for the first time on Coney Island in 1871 and made sure that since then, the highly popular restaurant “Nathan’s Famous” is there is be found. Next door to this restaurant you will also find Gray’s Papaya, Shake Shack, Crif Dogs and Bark, which are all also a first-port-of-call for a great hot dog.


Burger – A Must-Eat When In New York

But just as desired is of course the classic burger. A trip to one of New York’S many burger restaurants is an absolute must when in the city. It never fails to satisfy, but there are many different variations to try. Popular restaurants are Balthazar, Five Napkin Burger, Corner Bistro, Shake Shack and Burger Joint. These all offer tourists and locals alike a delicious burger and of course the fresh fries to go with it. After all, what is a famous New York Burger, without its  fries?!

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Bagels, Donuts and Cronuts – Sweet Creations in New York

After all the warm food, now we’ve reached the legendary bagels, donuts and Cronuts. Americans seem to love a bagel for breakfast and these come in many different varieties. Whether with sesame seeds, onions or poppy seeds, the only thing that must not change is the hole in the middle! You’ll find the best bagels in Murray’s Bagels, Absolute Bagels, Black Seed Bagels and Beygl.


If you need something sweet to follow a bagel, then try an American donut. Also round with a hole in the middle, this sweet street is covered in a sugar glaze and enjoyed not just by tourists but locals too! But inspired by the donut, two years ago another delicacy was born…let me introduce to you – The Cronut! A cross between a croissant and a donut, to be found in Dough Loco, Holey Donuts or Dun-Well Donuts amongst others. In the Dominque Ansel Bakery, aside from all the regular ones, you can find a new flavour invention each month!

Warning! Danger of Addiction! New York Cheesecakes and Cupcakes

Do you love cheesecake? Then at least once in your life you have to try the classic New York Cheesecake, and I garantee you now… you’ll be addicted! ;) New Yorkers adore their cheesecake and not without reason! The best amongst them may well be found at Junior’s, where the flavourful treats have been being baked for over 50 years. But Two Little Red Hens, Lady M Confections and Eileen’s Special Cheesecake are also good places to find the most delicious creations. For an equally delicious sweet treat, try a cupcake. Masses are sold every day in  New York!


Of course you know cupcakes from the UK too, but whilst you’re in this fascinating city you have to try at least a few of the traditional American flavour variations. You definitely won’t be stuck for choice though! There are not just two or three bakeries selling these delicious little cakes but a never ending number. One particularly worth recommending is the Magnolia Bakery, frequented by Carrie Bradshaw and her three friends from the legendary “sex and the City” series. Crumbs Bakeshop, Billy’S Bakery, Buttercup Bake Shop and Two Little Red Hens also have delicious flavours to choose from.

Street Food Trends – The Best Food Stalls

So far I’ve given you the best types of food you should try out when in New York, but another highlight has got to be the street food. As I’ve already mentioned, there are plenty of colourful stalls and trucks all over the city, offering delicious hot dogs, but this is not the only type of food you can expect. Whether its pizza, wraps, ice cream you’re after, the choice is huge. New Yorkers often like to stop off at one of the many trucks on their way to work or during a break to pick up something tasty. One of the best trucks amongst th lot is Wafels & Dinges, selling tasty waffles, Korilla BBQ, selling burritos and wraps and Souvlaki GR, where you can find Greek specialities.


So! that was my little overview of the delicious treats and specialities that await you in the awesome city of New York. If you’re heading off there soon, then be sure to try some of their great foods, you will definitely be impressed. I’d love to hear about some of your personal food highlights!


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