New Year’s Eve is a special time of celebration. It is really out with the old and in with the new, and for many it is time for a fresh start. What I most like about New Year’s Eve is reminiscing about the great things that happened me this past year and embracing them as I go into the new. I would reflect on the bad things that happened and be sure to leave them in the past where they belong. New Year’s is about looking to the future, about celebrating with family and friends and  in general, having a good time.

New Year’s Eve is celebrated in a variety of different ways all across the world. Why not jet off to another time zone, to another way of life, to create another amazing memory with your best friends by your side. Of course, nobody is stopping you sitting by the fire in your PJ’s and slippers watching the Late Late, but that isn’t a moment you will treasure for a lifetime!

Here are my top New Year’s Eve Destinations:

New Years eve breaks away

New Year’s Eve in Istanbul

Gather on Taksim Square with millions of others and hear horns echo through the city and fireworks light up the night sky just as the clock hits midnight. The city erupts and there is no telling what might happen. Taksim is in Istanbul in Turkey and going here will give you a NYE to remember forever. You can dance the night away in an underground disco, or climb right up into the sky and watch it all from the top of a skyscraper. The street parties are unavoidable but but that just makes it all the more unique. I believe lifelong friends can be made in an instant and what better place to make them than on the street at midnight, just be careful of pickpockets.

New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is famous for its parties, so why not put it to the test on the biggest party night of the year. Start on January 1 with a clean slate, because you will possibly forget everything from the night before. There are so many parties to be found in The Dam featuring international DJ’s, Burlesque shows, and many street parties. In reality, street parties are where it is at because clubs will overcharge on door entry and drinks just for the night that’s in it. Also, you will get every Tom, Dick and Harry who never steps foot outside the door from one year to the next raining on everyone else’s parade. So, don’t get caught up in the mess and party it up on the streets. Museumplein in Amsterdam holds the national party which attracts thousands upon thousands. Get your “Ross and Monica” dance routine ready because this party is televised, and you just know your dancing will take you right to the top if the right person catches a glimpse. Nieuwmarkt in Chinatown has the biggest fireworks display of you want to watch the dark sky burst with colour.

New Year’s Eve in New York

Two words…. Times Square! Alright, you are are facing queuing for over 12 hours to get to it only to be squashed by other optimists. However, it is one of those “things to do in your lifetime” kind of things. If you find yourself in New York on New Years Eve, just make the decision to head here and enjoy it, you will remember it forever. Every year at midnight (New York time) the eyes of the world turn to Times Square to watch this spectacular affair. This official countdown has become a global favourite as people unite, drink and dance to amazing performances from top acts. Become one with millions as the square flares with colour, and an outpouring of love, emotion and well wishes. Forget it, I’m not going to recommend anywhere else to go in New York, just go there. 

New Year’s Eve in Paris

New Year’s Eve by the Eiffel Tower with the person you love in your arms, well it doesn’t get more romantic than that. Watch the Eiffel Tower light up at midnight as the entire city of Paris takes to the streets. The Champs-Elysée is at the heart of the party and offers spectacular views of the Eiffel Tower light show.  The Montmartre street party has a less crowded party as it is a little bit further from the centre. You can admire the Paris skyline from the high steps of Sacre Coeur plaza; the Eifil Tower is in perfect view from there. The Parisians take New Year’s quite seriously and have no qualms about kissing complete strangers on the street. Alternatively, you can avoid the streets and take to the river! Imagine….sailing down the Seine toasting with a bottle of champers as lights fill the Eiffel Tower and the Paris sky. Anyone need a date?

New Year’s Eve in Barcelona

I have heard of drinking champagne at midnight, I have heard of sipping wine at midnight, I have even heard of knocking back shots at midnight but Barcelona has a very different tradition. On New Year’s Eve in Barcelona it is customary to eat twelve grapes, once for each of the clock chimes, as it brings good luck. The street parties are not as wild here as you would imagine. There is an official celebration at the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc which goes on for 45 minutes featuring some theatre performances and of course, fireworks. For the most part however it is a bit of a mix. Some people go clubbing but others tend to go for a meal and spend quality time with loved ones, an altogether more relaxing affair. Either way, it is a lovely way to bond and ring in the New Year.

So whatever corner of the world you decide to spend your New Year’s celebration, just make sure you make it a meaningful one which you will relive in years to come. Keep an eye on my blog for offers! Also, Check out my guide on free things to do in New York, Amsterdam and Barcelona while you’re there.