The John Jacob Astor Estate, a recently opened water villa in the Maldives, has set a completely new standard. If you’ve ever thought about luxury in the Maldives, wave goodbye to all of the ideas which you’ve had in your head up to now… because these will easily be surpassed.

The Maldives keeps blowing me away, time after time. Be it when I reminisce and think back to one of my best holidays, or if I simply search the web and find another incredibly beautiful property in the Maldives. Particularly typical are the fantastic bungalows, which sit directly on top of the turquoise shimmering waters of the Indian Ocean. Anyone who looks at the accommodation, and thinking they haven’t seen something more luxurious, is wrong. I introduce you to the newly opened luxurious John Jacob Astor Estate, which is part of the exclusive St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort. Immerse yourself in a world that is second to none, and unlike anything else on this planet…

Luxury Villa in the Maldives

Welcome to the John Jacob Astor Estate | Pure luxury

In love with the Maldives

Luxury that knows no boundaries

Three bedrooms, each with a terrace with private pool, a home cinema with an 85-inch LCD TV, a private gym, a study, a spacious dining room with a kitchen and of course a separate living area for your butler and your nanny, who are at your service around the clock – have I forgotten anything? No, I think this should be enough to make your stay in the largest and most luxurious water villa in the Maldives as pleasant as possible. Are you wondering how big this luxury villa in the Maldives is, with such a large number of different amenities? I’ll tell you: believe it or not, 1540 square metres! This makes it one of the largest bungalows, which has ever been built on water. The amazing infinity pool alone is an incredible 92 square metres. Plus, there are two hot tubs, a spa room and as previously mentioned, its own gym, which is even equipped with a yoga room. When I look at the pictures, I can only imagine all too well, how I’d slowly walk from my huge king size bed to the great infinity pool. I’d be enjoying the view of the Indian Ocean, while the butler prepares the first meal of the day in the kitchen. A yoga session afterwards, or maybe some snorkelling? The staircase, which leads directly into the sea, also looks rather tempting…

Almost too good to be true

What might sound like a dream at first, is actually reality in the Maldives: a villa, right in the Indian Ocean, which exceeds all conceptions of luxury.

“Luxury on a whole new level”

However, the price to stay here is in excess of 27,600 dollars per night. It quickly becomes clear, that a stay for the mortals among us will unfortunately only ever be a dream. But I can comfort you! The St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort awaits you, with 33 other villas on land, and 43 villas on water, which ‘only’ cost between 2,600 and 17,600 dollars per night. ;) And believe me, they’re very impressive!

In love with the Maldives!

Wow, I’m lost for words! This villa simply tops everything I’ve ever seen, in terms of luxury accommodation in Maldives. Is a stay here worth that much money to you?


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