Italy is well known for its special flair and great culture. The city of Naples is no exception, on the contrary! This idyllic city in Campania is a world of it’s own. Dive right in and experience extraordinary sights and a very unique way of life…

The city of Naples is located right at the foot of the iconic Mount Vesuvius. Up to today, the volcano is still active and considered one of the most dangerous in the entire world. The inhabitants of Naples are barely bothered by this fact. Their love to the city and their strong temper are the first thing you will notice. If you take a first look at the city, you will start to understand why they won’t and why they’d never want to leave. Listed UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the oldest, continuously inhabited cities of all time, this is one of Europe’s most exceptional destinations…


Best of Naples – Experience the Neapolitan Way of Life

 Places to see |  Food |  Day trips


Places to see

As you can imagine the list of must-see sights of Naples is very long. With a history dating as far back, you will find Greek and Roman remains all around, but some of the sights are just impossible to leave out. For starters, there is the Historic Centre of Naples, which is the largest of Europe. Just like in the movies, you will find motorbikes speeding around the little cobble stone streets. There are clothes lines between every building and there is street noise all around. It will take a little time to get used to it, but the Neapolitan temper is what brings the city to life ;)

Founded in 470 B.C. you will find majestic monuments and ancient sculptures embedded in today’y modern infrastructure. The Naples Cathedral displays divine artwork and solid golden decorations. It is hard to imagine that fine art like this is hundreds and hundreds of years old, retaining all  of its glory. The Via San Gregorio Armeno is the famous street of the nativity scene which attracts millions of visitors every year.


Another of the iconic main sights is the city of Pompeii. Located close to Naples, this ancient Roman town was destructed by a massive eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Burried under tons of ash the city was rediscovered in the 1600s. Since then, countless archaeologists have devoted their life to excavations and preservation. Today, Pompeii is open to visitors, it belongs to the Vesuvius National Park that is open to public all year long. Let history sink in and plan your visit in advance. You’ll get goosebumps!



With that much sight seeing on your list it is important to fuel up every once in a while ;)  Good thing, you’ll have divine cuisine all around. Naples is literally the birth place of pizza! Blistering crust and thin dough topped with tomato and basil. Pizza baking is another fine art of the Neapolitans ;) Believe it or not, there is a whole association to preserve ‘the true True Neapolitan Pizza’. For the real experience I recommend a visit to L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, it’s one of the most famous pizza places in the world :)


To make your dinner complete, you should get Mozarella di Bufala as a starter. The local tomatoes have a great, rich flavour which is why they belong to many of the dishes. Seafood and sea-salt are a must-use ingredients. Neapolitan deserts and sweets are made in heaven. Try some Sfogliatelle a divine and warm pastry with a layer of lard, you’ll be coming back for more :)


Day trips

With prime location by the coast, there are many great destination within easiest reach. The beautiful island of Capri is a dream destination right by the Gulf of Naples. There are many beautiful coves to explore that will be illuminated by the sun. Visit the Grotta Azurra as early as sunrise, you’ll be stunned. You can book a boat and paddle right inside :) The Blue Grotto shimmers in every shade of blue, it is one of Capri’s symbols. Take a whole day and explore the area. Maybe you’ll even consider it as your next holiday destination ;)


Ischia is another great island worth your visit famous for the Aragonese Castle that throwns on a volcanic rock. Built in 474 B.C. inhabited by tyrants and monks it is now one of the most visited sights and accessible through a tunnel. Famous movies such as Cleopatra starring Elizabeth Taylor were shot on the island. Check the offers for insider tours, so you can visit all of the shooting locations. Another good thing to know is that Ischia is famous for its wine, the Denominazione di origine controllata. Visit one of the local vineyards, you’re in for a real pleasure :)


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