Take a look at this collection of the most extraordinary hotels in London. Why stay somewhere normal when you could have a unique experience in one of these…

London – definitely one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever visited! Somehow the English capital has its own kind of flair which is typically British but also wildly multicultural. Not to mention there’s also the fascinating and famous examples of architecture, the many popular squares and even just the people who live in this city on the Thames…ah, I’m already missing it! To make your next stay in London befittingly extraordinary, I’m going to show you the 4 most extraordinary hotels in London and I promise there’s something for everyone to perfect their trip! Whether you’re looking for splendid luxury, completely innovative ideas or an extraordinary stay on the trail of a famous magician, you’ll be guaranteed to find exactly what you’re looking for in this special and diverse city!

These are the most extraordinary hotels in London:

A boat above the roofs of London: A Room for London | Sleeping in pods at the airport: Yotel

Junk meets luxury: Rough Luxe Hotel | The most expensive suite in London: The Connaught

The boat on top of the London roofs: A Room for London

A boat on a roof? It looks like the result of a curious accident, but it’s completely intentional. The boat is perched on the roof of the Queen Elizabeth Hall and you’ll notice it on closer inspection – after all who expects a boat up there? The location of this hotel – one of the smallest in London – is pretty much perfect as it’s on the bank of the Thames and just round the corner from the London Eye. The view is also very cool as you can see the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben – it’s almost directly opposite. The interior design is very simple but that’s no surprise considering the size as the double bed almost takes up a whole room! However you’re not without a kitchen or a bathroom as they’re located behind the bed in a separate area. It really is a unique accommodation and your stay is guaranteed to be something special. This video shows you the hotel’s development, the unbelievable view and the cosy interior of the very unusual hotel room:

Sleeping in a pod at the airport: the Yotel of the future

You’ll find a really cool idea (in my opinion) next to two airports in London. The Yotels next to Heathrow and Gatwick offer a completely different hotel experience than what you’ve been used to so far. Check-in and check-out are completely automated so you can come and go whenever you want, as long as you’ve booked a room. Well, I say it’s a room – you’ll actually spend the night in small, futuristic-looking capsules where you’ll find only the essentials. The automatic check-in system means that you can also rent out the pods on an hourly basis, which is perfect when you have a connecting flight in a few hours and you want to rest up without spending the night on uncomfortable benches. For me I think it’s a super cool idea which I’ll be sure to try out at least once – perhaps all hotels will look like this in the future?

Junk vs. splendour in the Rough Luxe Hotel

You’ll find this really extraordinary hotel near King’s Cross station in the trendy neighbourhood of Camden. The Rough Luxe Hotel unites pure luxury with scrapped, gnarled and cheap-looking components. The designs of the rooms look really impressive – while one wall looks like something from a squalid, half-finished house, there’ll be a luxurious bed standing next to it with high-end covers and decorations, but next to that there’ll be a run-down cupboard as well. You see, the unique and really captivating thing about this hotel is the sheer contrast. However the furniture doesn’t look like it was just randomly put together – it all suits each other perfectly somehow and even all of the bad furniture fulfills its purpose. The prices at this 4-star hotel do tend to steer towards the element of luxury though as a night here will cost anywhere from ‎£159 – but the experience is absolutely unique!


The most expensive suite in London: The Connaught

I have to admit, the The Connaught is really expensive. The cheapest rooms there start from around £594 per night, but for their top-end suite, the Apartment, it’s almost a whopping £12,800 – per night, of course! Naturally you can expect nothing but pure luxury. If you’re a guest at the most expensive suite you’ll have your own butler on hand who’ll be able to cater for your every need just by judging from the look on your face! Whether it’s being picked up from the airport in a limousine, having your shoes cleaned by John Lobb (a very exclusive company, mind you!), or if you just fancy a bottle of one of the eight exclusive types of champagne – you’ll get what you want all without batting an eyelid. Want to be catered for privately? No problem, someone will be on hand! The design of the 285m² room is also unique and suitably pompous, and a balcony will enable you to enjoy stunning views over London. Nothing is left to be desired!


So, those are the most extraordinary hotels in London and they definitely reflect the city’s enormous diversity, and there’s something for all tastes and budgets! Which one do you think is the coolest? Have you been in one of these four hotels or do you know any other really cool hotels in London? Let me know! And if you find yourself fancying a trip to the English capital have a quick look at my article full of tips for the perfect stay in London!


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