Want to laze around in the sun, completely relaxed and forget all your worries of everyday life? I promise you that here on these islands, in one of these hotels, your biggest worry will be whether to jump first into the pool, or into the turquoise blue sea. I’ll show you the most beautiful oases of relaxation and the best hotels on the islands around the world. Daydreaming is definitely allowed!

Alright, here it is: my definitive list of the top 10 island hotels. Whether it’s Bali, the Maldives or Spain, there are so many beautiful islands all over the world, whose coves and woodlands are disguising the most unique treasures. Luckily for you, I’ve hunted them down. From huge luxury resorts to the smallest secret tips, this time I’ve got everything covered to put you right in the holiday mood. Even I just wanted to lie in a hammock sipping delicious cocktails by the end of this. Hopefully you’ll feel the same ;)

These island hotels are just out of this world

The Maldives: Kunfunfhoo Island | Philippines: El Nido | Greece: Santorini

Australia: Hayman Island | Italy: Salina | Indonesia: The Gili Islands | Carribean Islands: Curacao

Indonesia: Bali | Madagascar: Île Sainte-Marie | The Seychelles


The Maldives: Kunfunadhoo Island

This resort really is a true paradise, sporting the classic snow-white beaches that the Maldives are famous for. It’s no wonder then, that the Soneva Fushi Resort is a meeting point for the young, rich and beautiful, who like to relax in a place far, far away. You can rent a hut right on the beach, so if you want, you can wake up in the morning and plunge into the crystal clear, turquoise waters of the ocean. The real ‘Robinson Crusoe’ experience, being at one with nature doesn’t come cheap though. For one night you pay upwards of €1000 depending on which beach hut you want to rent. The luxurious, but still slightly russtic feel of the resort, paired with that unique ‘island feeling’ that you only really get from the Maldives, really does make for something special. Close your eyes and maybe you can image the soft, sea breeze and the lulling sounds of the sea lapping at the shore!

Philippines: El Nido

This place is absolutely unbelievable! The El Nido resort is on one of the stunning islands found the middle of the Pacific Ocean, belonging to the Philippines. Gorgeous beaches, impressive landscapes and sparkling waters, inviting you to snorkel or dive right in are the reasons why the Philippines are such a popular destination. But what really makes holiday-makers flock to the El Nido Resort is its exceptional location on a small, remote island and its unique ‘floating’ beach huts that are built on stilts directly on the water. So idyllic! Even the journey there is a highlight in itself: the hotel catamaran picks you up and brings you to the secluded coves of the El Nido Resort.

Greece: Santorini

You’re dreaming of idyllic Greek islands, imagining looking through clusters of white-washed houses out at the deep blue sea and feeling the Mediterranean sun warming your skin? Then the 160 Thea Hotel on the beautiful island of Santorini is the perfect place for you! Enjoy the Greek sunshine and the Mediterranean flair of the small but glamorous island. Maybe pour yourself a glass of Greek wine, sit on your balcony overlooking the sea and enjoy the peace that accompanies the excellent wine…

Australia: Hayman Island

A little advance warning: the pictures from the One & Only hotel on Hayman Island could take your breath away. Well, at least that’s what happened to me when I had a closer look at this stunning hotel for you. In the truest sense of the word, it’s a place to say “Yes” to, as many couples decide to get married here every year – and who can blame them?!

Italy: Salina

How many of you have been to Italy? Probably most of you have already paid a visit to this lovely country. But what about a stay in the gorgeous Hotel Signum on the island of Salina? Imagine the fragrance of lemon trees wafting through the air, paired with the unbeatable Italian cuisine, a glass of wine and a sea view, all inclusive! Who can resist the temptation of these pictures?!

The Caribbean: Curaçao

Caribbean sounds carried by the sea breeze, palm trees swaying, a comfortable spot by the pool and one of those classic Blue Curaçao drinks in your hand… Sound like your idea of a holiday? In the Van Der Valk Kontiki Dive & Beach Resort, your dreams can come true. Here you can enjoy the tropical sunshine with some Caribbean flair. If you’d like to be greeted with a coconut drink and stay in a palm-roofed beach hut, then you should definitely book a trip to this Dutch island in the Carribean.

Indonesia: Bali

Bali has got to be the dream destination of many of you. Each and everyone that has been there speaks of a magical experience and those that haven’t managed to go there yet, this Indonesian island is definitely high on their bucket list. What makes a holiday on Bali one of a kind, I hear you ask? Well, a stay in one of the many hotels and resorts that are nestled amongst tropical forests in an oasis of calm. Uma by COMO Ubud for example, is a small paradise in the middle of the island and offers an exceptional ambience.

Indonesia: The Gili Islands

A holiday in Les Villas Ottalia will make you feel as if your monotonous day-to-day life and all its problems is but a distant memory. In modest but beautiful apartments, with private pools, you really get the island-feeling and thanks to the modest prices, the romantic mood can’t be spoilt. This hotel is in the middle of the tiny Gili Island, just off the coast of neighbouring Bali. It really is the perfect place to escape reality and just switch off, for once in a while. Can you see yourself spending a few days here? :)

Madagascar: Île Sainte-Marie

How nice is this hotel on ÎleSainte-Marie, a petite island directly off the coast of Madagascar?! Your first question will be: Am I in paradise? The Princesse Bora Lodge & Spa is certainly a very special place to experience the the African island atmosphere under the palm trees. The resort is amazing and the rustic-looking wooden huts blend perfectly into the surroundings. Even the prices, in comparison to other island hotels around Madagascar, are still good. Take a look!

The Seychelles

To finish off with, I’ve found another absolute gem of the Island hotels world. The Maia Luxury Resort and Spa is not a place only I dream of: it will put a spell over you too. It has everything the heart desires – from your own butler to private beach access, nobody is left wanting. It’s a place of pure relaxation on the white sandy beaches of the Seychelles – this resort is totally out of this world!

Let’s go!

Wow! Looking at so many gorgeous hotels, beaches and resorts, you just want more and more. But you’ll find gorgeous island hotels not just in the Maldives or far away in the Carribean, but also within one’s reach. As your holiday guru I like to help you out, so get searching for the right flights and the right hotels for you, then the next beach holiday need not wait so long!


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