We’re always happy to see the back of winter. After months of having to wrap up with dozens of layers every time you want to leave the house, it’s always so exciting when you realise the days are slowly getting longer again. To help you get through the last month of winter, I thought I’d take it upon myself to look at some of the best destinations to visit in spring. If you’ve not made any plans for Easter yet, be sure to read on!

Seeing all of the little crocuses and snowdrops brave the last of the snow and ice means one thing – spring is well and truly on its way! Well, from a meteorological standpoint it’s already here so to speak, even is the weather is certainly leaving a lot to be desired. However, despite those stray showers and sneaky cold snaps, my mood is certainly being lifted now that I’m noticing the days getting longer and longer.

With this extra bit of energy and peppiness, your appetite for travel will definitely get stronger too. So where’s a good place to visit in the spring time, and which destinations have got loads going on at this time of year? Your Holidayguru has gone and had a little nose around to find the most colourful and most beautiful destinations in spring. You’ll be amazed by how many lovely places there are in Europe and indeed the world as a whole that really do come into their own at this time of year. Snuggle up with a cup of tea, relax, and be inspired by these lovely places – and look forward to the sun!

The best destinations to visit in spring

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Flower basket in Rome, a top destination in spring

The best places to visit in Europe this spring

Not sure you can wait around much longer for the sunny embraces of summer? There are plenty of breathtaking destinations in Europe that are an absolute joy to visit in spring. Chances are the weather will be much more milder than it is at home, and you soak up all of the sights and sounds without having to put up with the heaving crowds of summer. Here are a few of my top picks when it comes to the best European destinations to visit in spring:

Spain | Lisbon | Madeira | Athens | Sweden


Spain’s lovely climates are enough to put a smile on pretty much everyone’s face, but come spring time you’ll have even more to smile about! Over on the island of Majorca, you’ll find swathes of beautiful almond trees in full bloom. There are almost 7 million almond trees on the island, so just imagine the sheer amount of colour going on here! One place I can definitely recommend to see the blossom is the region between Cala Millor and Santanyi – not only will you get to see loads of blossom, you’ll also have all of those wonderfully picturesque coves and bays to explore as well, all without having to put up with the heaving crowds of summer.

Things over on the mainland are just as colourful. Over in the Jerte Valley in the province of Extremadura, you’ll find swathes of cherry blossoms in the picturesque little villages. There’s also loads of festivals and markets that take place here, and there’s even an entire week of the year dedicated to blossom. If you love seeing cherry blossoms, then this place will certainly save you a trip all the way to Japan! I also really recommend checking out the city of Valencia during the spring time as well – March sees the city celebrate its famous fallas festivals, and the Turia Gardens, a park born out the riverbed of an old river, will be wonderfully lush. Perfect place for an afternoon stroll after a day exploring the Old Town!


I have to admit – I think Lisbon is one of the greatest capitals in the world. Sure, it’s a little rough around the edges, but the charm, character and beauty of it is simply magical! Take the historic no. 28 tram through the narrow, winding streets, or get stuck into delicious treats such as pastèis de nata. The city is spread across several hills, so make your way to one of the so-called miradouros and enjoy the incredible views across the terracotta rooftops. Temperatures will be hovering at around the 20°C mark, so you’ll be returning from your city break filled with energy! Take a little look at my travel guide about Lisbon in case you want some extra tips and recommendations from your Guru to help you plan the perfect city break.


If you’re gonna mention spring, you just can’t not mention Madiera! Known as the Flower Island, this gorgeous island features dramatic, yet lush landscapes that are bursting with life. And come spring time, the island is awash with colour. Simply take the time to hike and explore Madeira’s many hills and you’ll come across loads of incredible example of flora you might be hard-pressed to find elsewhere – and let’s not forget those breathtaking views either! On the 19th April the island is bursting with colour thanks to the Flower Festival which lasts from Easter until the beginning of May. Locals celebrate and cherish the coming of spring, dedicating huge processions and parades to the turn of the new season. You could say that Madeira lives and breathes spring!


One of the cradles of modern civilisation, Athens is a truly mind-boggling place. The sheer amount of history you can experience here is unparalleled, and the sightseeing lists here are incredibly long! Spring is the perfect time of year to experience the city. You’re avoiding those sweltering summer temperatures and those heaving crowds, so take your time and fully enjoy legendary experiences such as the Parthenon and Agora of Athens and even the Diomidous Botanical Gardens. What’s more, the lively historic neighbourhood of Plaka will be in full bloom, so if you need to give your feet a break, simply perch down on one of the outdoor terraces, enjoy the blossom and simply watch the world go on by!


An unlikely candidate, but this is one of my personal favourites and definitely a country that’s sorely overlooked at this time of year. It’s no secret that Sweden boasts some of the most pristine nature in all of Europe, but what really makes things special is the Swedish concept of allemansrätten – or “every man’s right”. This is essentially a law that enshrines people’s right to get out there and enjoy the great outdoors, so there’s no real restrictions on where you can go or set up camp for the night – just as long as you treat nature with respect of course! The thousands of islands in the Stockholm archipelago make for a fantastic day trip from the capital, or you can even enjoy a few moments of relaxation by picturesque lakes such as Storsjön and Lake Vänern. Those of you looking for a proper adventure will love the hikes along the Höga kusten (High Coast) in the far north.

More beautiful destinations to visit in spring

Fancy a spring holiday a little further afield? These gorgeous destinations around the world offer a guaranteed dose of wanderlust and an unforgettable splash of colour – just what you need during the spring!

Marrakech | Washington DC | Japan


Craving lush temperatures? Fancy experiencing new cultures? Then you can’t go wrong with Marrakech in the spring time! You’ll be able to explore stunning mosques, stroll through idyllic parks and get stuck into the hustle and bustle of the busy souks, where you can find everything from swathes of spices to authentic handicrafts. What makes spring such a fantastic time to go is that the temperatures are in that perfect level of warmth, yet you’ll avoid most of the tourists that swarm to the city during the summer months. If you need a break from all of the action going on, you can always just retreat to your hotel and relax in the shady gardens, or even just do a few laps in the pool! Doesn’t that sound heavenly…

Washington DC

The capital of the USA is a fantastic city to visit no matter what. Museums here are world-class, the architecture is charming, and the nightlife is absolutely buzzing. Yet the spring time in particular is a very special time to visit the city. Over in West Potomac Park, you can enjoy idyllic views of the Washington Monument across the lake while the cherry trees will be in full bloom. Locals celebrate the beginning of the blossom season with the National Cherry Blossom Festival, something which has been going on since 1912 after the mayor of Tokyo kindly donated cherry blossom trees to the US as a sign of friendship. There’s a huge programme filled with music, song and dance – what better way to usher in the new season!


While Washington DC is a strong contender, there is of course one country that stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to cherry blossom. Japan is famous the world over for its sakura blossom, drawing in huge crowds from all over the world. And the locals always look forward to seeing it too – during blossom season you’ll find all sorts of sakura-related food and drink on the menu and you’ll definitely notice the jovial, happy atmosphere. And they even have a word specifically for the act of going out to admire the blossom – hanami, which essentially translates as “flower viewing”. Head to the Fuji Five Lakes to enjoy the sakura with views towards Japan’s most iconic mountain, or stroll through the picturesque, sakura-filled gardens of Himeji Castle, one of Japan’s last remaining feudal castles.

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From the sunny shores of Spain to the vibrant souks of Marrakech – you can see there’s loads and loads of destinations to visit in spring that guarantee an amazing time. If you’re considering booking a little getaway this spring, then feel free to use the links to my Hotel Finder and Flight Finder to browse the cheapest deals for your flights and accommodation! :)

More inspiration for your holiday in spring!

Even just picking out all of these destinations has got me super excited about the warmer weather that’s to come! If you’ve got some favourite spring destinations that I’ve left out from the list, then be sure to let me know! And just in case this wasn’t enough spring inspiration, I’ve also picked out some more articles that I think you’ll love…

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