Sometimes I find stuff that seriously has me caught between laughing hysterically and teetering on the brink of an emotional breakdown. I’m pretty sure I’m not bipolar, I guess I’m just an emotional human being! Well anyway, to the point of this blog post… As I sat in my Guru Cave, sipping on my Guru protein shake, after my Guru pilates class, trying to find y’all some lovely holiday offers; I stumbled across this. With the accidental slip of a finger, I searched for a month in Costa Brava on Ebookers as opposed to a week like I normally would, and the result astonished me!

Spend A Month in Costa Brava

€540 is what a normal peak season holiday would cost for a week in the Costa Brava. However if you’re willing to have an incredibly clear schedule this Autumn, you will be able to enjoy a full month in a sunny Spanish paradise that you can see pictured below. I was amazed by the price because not only is the weather still scorching in September/October, the 4* hotel (you can see it pictured below) is absolutely immaculate too! It is in the Lloret de Mar region which is a haven for visitors from all over Europe. It has a rating of 4/5 on TripAdvisor and it also won a Certificate of Excellence too. It has a reputation as being one of the best hotels in Lloret de Mar.

When compared to what your normal monthly spend would be in Dublin let’s say, it would nearly bring a tear to your eye when you think of what you could be spending your money on instead.  The dates for this trip are 21/09/2015 – 17/10/2015 and you can see the flight details pictured below.

I usually wouldn’t share something like this because who in their right mind could get a month off work. That being said, if you know anybody who is self employed, retired, or between jobs with a bit of money to burn, let them know that this deal exists ASAP.

Who knows? Somewhere out there, there might be somebody just nuts enough to do what is an incredibly reasonable thing to do when you think about it. There are no tricks, no hidden costs, just what you see before you: A month in Costa Brava, in a beautiful spot (Lloret de Mar) with a glorious 4* hotel, all for cheaper than possibly two weeks rent in our capital city.

It is crazy what money can/cannot do for you, depending on where you are in the world. If you’re absolutely mental (or a genius, I’m still not quite sure yet) and want to book a month in Costa Brava, follow the link below!

(P.S….They even throw in a free breakfast each morning!!)

costa brava month


Book your month away here

costa brava month 1

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